3 Phases of the Pandemic and Remote Work Shift

An inside look at the future of VDI



Pandemic Phase 1

In March and April of 2020, we have had a large shift, almost overnight, to a virtual workforce. This has created opportunities and challenges for IT professionals to ensure their virtual workforce is productive and secure while working from anywhere.

What we've learned:

  • We can work faster than we thought
  • With less precise information
  • And we'll make it work
  • Also, do we even need an office?
  • Productivity reported being higher

Pandemic Phase 2

There has been a concentration on operationalizing and creating policy and security that aligns with continued work from home.

Many companies are finding that a virtual workforce is a positive benefit to their employees, so they are working on long-term solutions that allow a work-from-home policy post-COVID-19.


Pandemic Phase 3

What will the new normal look like? Surveys are showing that when asked employees willingness to return to work they are divided into three categories:

  1. Prefer ongoing work-from-home
  2. Willing to come in a few days per week
  3. Want to return to the office

The challenge for IT professionals in phase 3 is catering to three distinctly different workgroups. 2020 has now become the year of influx need for VDI.


Supply-Chain Shortages

With the influx of remote work – as well as remote learning – supply chains have experienced severe laptop shortages.


In this webinar, Solution Architect, Bradley Kerstetter, and EUC Office of the CTO, Brian Madden, discuss what to expect in the future of remote work and VDI.

bradley kerstetter


Speaker: Bradley Kerstetter

Position: Solution Architect III - Workplace Modernization & Mobility

Background: Bradley Kerstetter brings a decade of experience in EUC technology including traditional PC computing, tablets, and smartphones. As a technology expert, his objective and passion are to help companies achieve their End User Computing goals. Holistically, the entire device lifecycle is important - choosing the right devices, software, and management solutions are key.

brian madden


Speaker: Brian Madden

Position:EUC Office of the CTO, VMware

Background: Brian Madden is the lead field technologist and a director in VMware’s EUC Office of the CTO. Prior to joining VMware in 2018, Brian was known world-wide as an independent EUC expert and founder of BrianMadden.com, the BriForum conference series, and author of six books and over 2000 technical articles.