A Comprehensive Endpoint Security Guide for a Secure Workplace

Discover how to protect your business in the era of intelligent work.  

Devices, documents, and data are the life force of every business and central to how work gets done. But they also put organizations at considerable risk. A breach of any type can be devastating. 

How confident are you that your devices and content are secure enough for an increasingly mobile and connected workforce? Can you prove compliance beyond a shadow of a doubt? What should you be doing that you haven’t thought of? 

Here are five key things to consider when choosing a partner to help you close security gaps: 

  1. Can they apply their solution to the right devices at the right times and create policies that are easy to enforce and comply with? 
  2. Do they understand your network requirements, and can they recommend solutions that are a “right fit” and utilize data to support on-going maintenance and proactive service and support? 
  3. Are they focused on consistent inspection and monitoring of all devices and document processes to automatically ensure compliance across the board? 
  4. Can they remediate at a fleet level, a printer level and a setting level so non-compliant issues can be identified and addressed quickly? 
  5. Will they provide on-going, real-time reporting to show compliance and/or highlight areas that need to be addressed? 

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A Comprehensive Endpoint Security Guide for a Secure Workplace