A solution for disaster recovery and dark data


Organizations everywhere are utilizing Microsoft Azure for their cloud computing needs. But in the age of work from home, traditional backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions are no longer good enough.


In this guide, we’re discussing how a modern backup from Veritas and Zones can help you take control of your dark data and stop a data disaster before it starts.


What is dark data?


Dark data sounds sinister. But what is it? It’s data that has an undetermined business value. It can be costly to assess the amount of dark data within your organization – and these days, there’s more of it out there than ever before.


How traditional DR misses the mark


There are many costs associated with traditional disaster recovery, including:

  • Extra maintenance

  • Extra staffing

  • Downtime costs

  • Lost business


Read our guide to learn how a modernized cloud-native DR solution circumvents many of these costs.


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