Anywhere Workspace For Dummies


Organizations around the world have adapted to a “new normal” of remote work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many lessons learned, and perhaps many more to be learned, businesses are discovering what they must do to survive — and even thrive — in a world economy that is driven by a distributed workforce. After the initial rush to simply keep the proverbial “lights on” with their employees working from home, companies are now (or should be) prioritizing their investments in work-from-home technology to enable a highly productive and collaborative anywhere workforce today and in the future.

The anywhere workforce encompasses not only distributed people, but also distributed systems, applications, networks, data, devices, security, and customers. A weak foundation of disjointed technologies will inevitably lead to gaps in security, operations, and performance for the anywhere workforce. A unified digital foundation empowers organizations to become leaders in the new
world of work.

As the challenges of the future continue to emerge and evolve, organizations need to be prepared to deliver the tools and digital experience their employees need to work productively in new and better ways. This book fills you in on the distributed workforce technologies that enable a sustainable and resilient remote work strategy through a secure, scalable, and unified digital infrastructure to ensure your business is ready for the future in a post-COVID world.

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