Best Practices to Find Threats & Opportunities in Your IT Operations


Many organizations have built a complex IT infrastructure with multiple teams and departments purchasing products, tools, and solutions that are needed to perform daily tasks. 

Many security leaders are finding assessments as an invaluable tool in identifying risks, wasted IT spend, and opportunities to save money and choose solutions that are best aligned for your organization.

In this webinar we will be discussing:

  • the challenges with identifying security risks
  • Available assessments for IT professionals to identify threats and opportunities
  • Find threats and opportunities to secure your systems and maximize your IT investments.

Owen Allen Photo


Speaker: Owen Allen

Position: Chief Architect

Background: Owen has been helping companies grow more quickly using current technologies for over 20 years and brings experience earned while working as a Microsoft employee for more than ten decades.

Wesley Bosco


Speaker: Wesley Bosco

Position: Software Asset Management

Background:Responsible for program development, implementation, and execution for Zones Discovery Services (ZDS), Software Asset Management, Lifecycle Management, Cloud Readiness, and Cloud Migration solutions. ZDS is an agentless Software and Hardware Asset management platform as well as provides performance metrics used for Cloud Adoption and Migration. A core focus on discovery, cost reduction, risk mitigation, cloud adoption, security posture, and compliance.