Bolster Data Security with Zones Backup as a Service


Are you worried about data security? If so, it’s time to draw up a plan for backing up your data and retrieving it efficiently. That’s the idea behind Zones Backup as a Service, which gives you an “easy button” to back up your data quickly and affordably, including coverage from end to end. In this breakout session, we’ll show you all the ins and outs of Zones BaaS, demonstrating how our solution can deliver value for your business.


Speaker: Daniel Kristek
Position: Solution Engineer, Data Recovery Specialist, Zones
Background: Daniel has been in the IT industry for more than a decade. He has competency in several key areas, including network administration. In his time with Zones, Daniel performed as a member of our Help Desk team and served as a project engineer.

Daniel’s specialty is in the backup disaster recovery (DR) field. Prior to Zones, Daniel worked as a Backup Disaster Recovery (DR) Specialist at Network Management Group, where he successfully created and deployed continuous backup solutions. Daniel used his expertise to build the Backup DR department from the ground up and secure monthly recurring revenue to sustain profitable business growth year over year.