Build a More Resilient Business  

The importance of resilience today

Throughout the last 12 months, organizations everywhere have worked quickly to adapt to a new way of doing business. Remote work has become the norm, and IT leaders have had to make adjustments to accommodate a distributed workforce.

Perhaps originally, this was thought to be a quick fix – a temporary measure designed to get businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, though, it’s becoming clear that it’s something more. According to our research, 54% of companies plan to make remote work a permanent option, even post-pandemic, and 81% are making it a priority to change workplace safety measures. The time for quick fixes is over – these are long-term moves.

To stay in business during these uncertain economic times, what organizations really need today is to be resilient. They need an agile business model that helps them adapt to whatever unexpected challenges or transitions await them in the future. And to make that happen, they must be willing to invest in new technology


Building a collaborative workforce

Your employees today might be working remotely, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still work together. In fact, to be successful in this new era, what you need most is to build a workforce that’s highly collaborative and ready for anything.

To do this, you need the right collaboration tools. You need an IT infrastructure that has all the right ingredients – embedded encryption, compliance, visibility, and control – and ideally, they’d all come bundled in one complete solution.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what you get from Cisco. With Cisco’s business resiliency solutions, you have a suite of products at your fingertips that are flexible, adaptable, and will enable your business to thrive in today’s ever-changing reality. Cisco will help your employees be productive from anywhere, and they’ll ensure that your environment is safe, secure, and trusted by everyone involved.


Creating a trusted and secure workplace

One of the most difficult aspects of navigating today’s business world is finding trust. You need people to believe that even though everything has changed, and they’re working from an unfamiliar environment, they can still have complete trust in their employers.

This is especially difficult from an IT perspective. When you’re sharing data and applications with remote collaborators that you can’t see in person, it’s difficult to know that business will go smoothly and your activity will be secure.

Thanks to Cisco, though, you have access to the industry’s most secure collaboration platform. You get all the protection and threat intelligence that Cisco has to offer, plus a host of other benefits as well – improved worker safety and wellness, heightened operational consistency, and a more seamless model for distributed work. What’s not to like?


Brace yourself for future challenges with RWS

In 2021 and moving forward, the objective for any company should be the same – it’s to build a business that’s agile, resilient, and ready for any challenge that comes its way. And at Zones, we believe we’re well equipped to help you do just that.

One key reason why? Our Remote Worker Solution. During these challenging times, we’re pleased to offer a suite of IT tools that help simplify life for your distributed workforce. Whether you’re in the market for Mobile Device Management, Collaboration, Technical Support, or anything else that will help support your remote teams, we have all the services you need to survive and thrive.

We also offer migration services to help companies upgrade to the latest and best Cisco collaboration tools. We help teams migrate from CUCM to Webex Calling, from Jabber to Webex Messaging & Softphone, or from UCCX to Webex Contact Center. We can also help manage the transition from on-premises video rooms to modern cloud-based systems.

About Cisco and Zones

In today’s challenging environment, you need a business model that’s lean and efficient, with no resources going to waste. Together, Cisco and Zones will work to make that happen. Our Cisco solutions are known for bringing increased operational efficiency and helping free up IT resources.

Cisco’s offerings include software and services to support your network infrastructure, end-to-end security solutions, and tools to empower collaboration from anywhere. And in Zones, you have a team of experts by your side who can quickly get you up and running with all of the above.

To learn more, don’t wait – contact your Zones Account Manager today.

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