Build a Ransomware Resilient Environment

Security is a serious matter for any business today. But Zones and Veritas, working hand in hand, have what it takes to confront your toughest data protection challenges head-on. Veritas solutions focus on information, not infrastructure. Designed to protect your data everywhere it lives, their IT tools use a comprehensive approach to multi-cloud data management that delivers protection, availability, and insight. And at Zones, we have all the knowledge and experience required to get you up and running with Veritas solutions quickly and easily. Join us, and we'll show you how.


Zones Presenter

Daniel Kristek, Solution Engineer, Data Recovery Specialist, Zones

Daniel has been in the IT industry for more than a decade. He has competency in several key areas, including network administration. In his time with Zones, Daniel performed as a member of our Help Desk team and served as a project engineer.

Daniel’s specialty is in the backup disaster recovery (DR) field. Prior to Zones, Daniel worked as a Backup Disaster Recovery (DR) Specialist at Network Management Group, where he successfully created and deployed continuous backup solutions. Daniel used his expertise to build the Backup DR department from the ground up and secure monthly recurring revenue to sustain profitable business growth year over year.


Partner Presenter

Rick Bryant, Healthcare Chief Technical Officer, Veritas

Rick is the Healthcare Chief Technical Officer at Veritas. In this role, he leads initiatives to serve the healthcare information technology industry through technology excellence and process solutions. Rick brings over 25 years of industry experience, with roles spanning from infrastructure management to chief information security officer to chief technical officer, where he was responsible for architecting and implementing EMR systems. Previous positions include healthcare practice manager and national healthcare architect at Symantec, chief information security and chief technical officer at Texas Children's Hospital, and executive manager of infrastructure at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.