CASB and the Cloud: Keys to the Kingdom


To help manage their data optimally, many organizations today are turning to a cloud access security broker (CASB), which can serve as a go-between connecting their cloud services and applications to their end users. Together, a CASB and a good cloud solution can revolutionize the ways your business manages data and your users use it. Don Bilbrey, Zones’ Director of Cloud Solutions will facilitate a discussion on this very topic, supported by our partners at Symantec.

Don Bilbery

Speaker: Don Bilbrey

Position: Director, Cloud Services, Zones

Background: Don is a Senior Cloud Technology Leader with a focus on Cloud Solutions for AWS and Azure, Cloud cost management, and training. Don joined the Zones Center of Excellence team in 2018. Don has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry and previously worked at AWS and Dell. He is certified as a Microsoft Azure Solution Architect and also completed his PADI certification. Don’s interests include IoT, anything cloud related, sailing, and he is passionate about electric vehicles.

Stephen-Hearty-Symantec-b&w_Annie Kantor

Speaker: Stephen Hearty

Position: Principal Product Marketing Manager, Symantec Cloud SOC CASB

Background: Stephen is responsible for messaging, positioning, and go-to-market strategy for the Symantec Information Security portfolio. Stephen has 10+ years experience in Digital and Product Marketing and holds a Masters in Marketing from Dublin City University.

Prateek-Temkar-Symantec-b&w_Annie Kantor

Speaker: Prateek Temkar

Position: Director of Product Management, Symantec Cloud SOC CASB

Background: Prateek leads product management for Symantec Cloud SOC CASB, focusing on cloud applications security.