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Connectivity Tips for Staying Productive


In the Spring of 2020, workplaces around the world were forced to close their doors and begin focusing on how to help employees stay comfortable and productive while working from home. Today, we see a shift in the idea of the traditional office space, with many focusing on what’s being called “the new normal”, a concept involving a flexible work environment that allows employees to essentially work from anywhere. As you make the transition to this “new normal” and embrace the potential opportunity to bounce between the home office and workplace, here are some tips and tools that will help you stay productive, regardless of where choose to you work.

Tip 1: Bring Your Workstation with you

If you find yourself struggling to stay productive while moving between the home office and workplace, ensuring your laptop bag is always packed with your essential work from anywhere connectivity tools is critical. There are plenty of small connectivity accessories you can add to your laptop bag that will make a big impact on your productivity. Multiport adapters and mini docking stations that are built for portability, are lightweight, all-in-one solutions that can offer dual display output, access to ethernet, additional USB ports, and even power delivery (for USB-C devices). If you prefer to travel light and use your tablet as your device of choice, many of these accessories also offer wide OS compatibility including Windows, Mac, Android, and iPad, and include unique features like extra-long cables to make connecting to your 2-in-1 device easily. These small but mighty adapters and docks are compact enough to slip into your laptop bag but powerful enough to keep you charged and connected to your workstation. If you’re unsure of what to pack in your laptop bag, we’ve created a checklist of some essential accessories for your “Workfrom Anywhere” toolkit: Multiport adapter to connect to your productive “work from anywhere” workstation. Charging cables for your mobile device (USB-C, Lightning, Micro USB). Display or network adapters for those who don’t require a multiport adapter but still want to access an additional screen or high-speed internet. Use external drives to keep your data with you as you move between workstations. Hard drive accessories like adapter cables and durable drive enclosures make it easy to connect your drive to your device and turn your solid-state drive into an ultra-portable pocket drive. Laptop charger/power brick to keep your laptop powered while you work (If you’re using a USB-C device, a USB-C multiport adapter with power delivery can keep your device charged, removing the need to keep your charger with you!).Headphones if you need to take a call or just want to drown out the noise around you.Headphone adapter if your USB-C device doesn’t have an audio jack. A Bluetooth mouse, to keep you productive when your trackpad gets the best of you.

While the new normal has adjusted our idea of the traditional workplace or work environment, the benefits of having a primary place to go and be productive cannot be overlooked. Docking stations are a key ingredient when creating a highly productive workstation. If you’re lucky enough to have a multi-monitor workstation in the office and at home, a dock will offer an easy, single connection from your device to your monitors and peripherals. 


Tip 2: Maintain Your Productivity Sanctuary


What you’re looking for in that dock is entirely personal preference and based on your specific needs and ideal desk setup, but here are some features to keep in mind:

  • Multiple display connectivity for increased productivity
  • 4K video capabilities for tasks that demand high resolutions
  • Ethernet connectivity for access to a fast and secure network
  • Two or more USB ports for access to essential peripherals like a mouse, mobile device etc.
  • Wide device and OS compatibility to work with a number of laptops (for a home or office environment with multiple users)Bonus: SD card reader for digital creators

Tip 3: Stay Comfortable, Wherever You’re Working

While you may be bouncing back and forth between home and the office, ensuring your workstation is comfortable is critical when trying to stay productive. Wherever you’re choosing to work from, here are some ergonomic and comfort-enhancing tips:
  • Invest in a tablet stand. A tablet stand is a great portable solution you can take with you to the office or use at home to comfortably integrate your 2-in-1 device into your workstation.
  • Pick up a footrest for an easy and lightweight ergonomic addition to any workstation.
  • Reduce blue light exposure. When it comes to reducing headaches and digital eyestrain, a laptop screen protector can help by reducing blue light by 30-40% when working for extended periods of time. As an added bonus, some screen protectors also feature antimicrobial protection to help eliminate up to 99.99% of surface bacteria.
  • Incorporate adjustable monitor mounts. The right mount can not only offer simple viewing adjustments to keep you comfortable but can also help save space and make it easier to clean the desktop.

Tip 4: Embrace the change

Our fourth and final tip to staying productive in a work from anywhere environment is to embrace the change. Studies show that flexible work environments actually result in a positive shift in productivity and employee satisfaction. The true benefit of work from anywhere is working when and where you’re most productive. So, embrace the change and stay flexible. Create your work from anywhere toolkit and set up your productivity sanctuary with tools and accessories that will keep you connected and comfortable. You’re only as productive as your workstation allows, so whatever your needs may be, make sure that you have access to the tools that keep you connected and productive, wherever you’re working from.