Cut Downtime with a Server Refresh

Many businesses have outdated servers that are increasing downtime and causing additional business risk that is unneeded. Find out how upgrading your on-prem storage can save your company money, provide better security, save on downtime costs.


The ESG global survey of mid-market IT organizations shows that regular server and storage refreshes deliver positive outcomes.


  • Cut downtime by 60% with modern storage environments
  • Save up to $14.3 million per year in downtime costs with modern servers
  • 92% report infrastructure technology investments have met or exceeded ROI forecasts

Dell Technologies, Intel Corporation and ESG recently completed a survey of IT executives at organizations with less than 1,000 employees. 

The survey further showed that 100% of these leaders have servers and storage environments less than 3 years old, experience fewer application outages than less mature peers, and have the capacity and performance to keep up with data demands.

A refresh of servers and storage also provides new hardened and multilayered security capabilities that many older generations of servers and storage do not offer. Refreshed servers ensure security and compliance across devices and reduce the risk of running critical applications on an aging, more susceptible infrastructure. Of course, mass improvements in the capacity and IOPS of storage also create new opportunities for application flexibility and consolidation as well as IT modernization. 

Review Dell's insights for best practices on security for mid-market organizations.

Dell Insights for security best practices

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