Cyber Vigilant Services and Capabilities

Knowing the importance of security.

In today’s business environment, cyberattacks aren’t just common – they’re inevitable. Every organization is vulnerable to attack at all times, and when such incidents do happen, they can be catastrophic.

Consider this: There’s a new attack happening somewhere on the web every 39 seconds, according to recent research, and the average time it takes to detect a breach is over 200 days. This means the typical business could suffer through six months of having compromised systems leading to: data exfiltration; ransomware; deleted, corrupted, or missing files; disrupted operations and business continuity; steep recovery and legal costs; and impact to the corporate brand.

Adapting to the changing cyber climate is demanding. Organizations today need robust IT solutions for today’s hostile threats, and adopting them tends to add significantly to the cost and complexity of running a business. There are no easy answers.

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