Modern Data Centers in a Multi-cloud Era

What is the best combination of private and public clouds, edge and colocation for you?

In the digital business era, aligning the services your data centers deliver with your business and technology objectives is more important now than ever. However, many data centers struggle to achieve cloud services because of aging facilities or overburdened infrastructure.


One way that IT organizations are achieving more cloud-like consumption is to use colocation service providers. This allows them to not directly own or manage the facilities, power, cooling and networking services as an operating expense. Many businesses find this a convenient way to gain some of the advantages of cloud while still maintaining control of systems and applications.


What stands in the way of businesses achieving full cloud benefits? Some IT organizations are struggling to integrate IT infrastructure and data centers from a merger or acquisition, while others have been preoccupied with day-to-day operational concerns, and haven't recently evaluated their data center strategy. Others are trying to figure out how to address emerging requirements such as edge computing for Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios or containers-as-a-service.


Many IT organizations find that turning to an experienced partner accelerates the development of a data center strategy that addresses their cloud, co-location and edge computing requirements.

Is your business using the right data center? Dive into how to determine the best combination or cloud, edge, and colocation for your business and get stakeholders engaged in the evaluation of strategic data center alternatives. Dell Technologies develops a roadmap specifically for you and your business because we know that no businesses are the same. Blanket approaches don’t work, Dell will ensure a full analysis is done with your application portfolio. DTM Assist toolset generates move packages and automated suggestions to accelerate migration programs to gain speed and reduce errors. DTM Assist also provides reporting with dashboards that automatically show progress of the migration process.

Forester Consulting’s study found that over a five year period, Dell Technologies data center projects realized an average ROI of 81% and achieved optimized resource efficiency two years sooner.


Review our eBook to determine the best combination of private and public clouds, edge, and colocation to meet your business needs.


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