Go Beyond Device Care with Zones DeviceCare

Introducing DeviceCare services from Zones

When it comes to managing workplace devices for your users, your organization surely has a number of priorities. You’ve got to worry about automating management, securing endpoints, providing 24/7 help desk support, and more. It’s a lot to handle – and your IT team might not have the time or the manpower to handle it all.

But that’s not a problem. At Zones, we offer DeviceCare services that are designed to make the process much easier for your team. We combine a wide range of services into one all-encompassing solution, and we make it available for a single, predictable price per device per month.

Zones DeviceCare includes a unique combination of basic services – among them remote hardware and software assistance, asset management, OEM coordination, inbound and outbound call support, knowledge management, and more. More on that in a moment

A deep dive into DeviceCare’s offerings

When you invest in Zones DeviceCare, you will immediately receive a great deal of coverage that will truly take your organization’s IT to the next level. Let’s get into them:


  • Remote hardware and software assistance. Get support for all your users’ hardware, software, and associated peripherals.
  • Asset management. Improve management and reporting of asset records; manage warranty data better as well.
  • OEM coordination. Get answers to OEM queries and technical assistance with OEM-provided native applications.
  • Inbound and outbound call support. Get your users help with inbound and outbound calls, as well as coordinate with OEMs for timely updates on break/fix and other services.
  • Knowledge management. Update your knowledge base on a timely basis with the latest SOPs. Solve issues in a timely fashion and reduce downtime.

No matter what level of investment you make in Zones DeviceCare, you can expect unprecedented productivity from your IT team due to freeing up your resources. You’ll notice the impact in no time at all.

Breaking down the benefits of DeviceCare

So – is DeviceCare worth the investment, and will the positive impact on your business outweigh the cost?

We say, unequivocally, yes. Just look at all the ways your business stands to benefit:

  • Reduced downtime. When you have 16/5 access to capable tech support, end-user downtime tends to fall by about 90% on average.
  • A better experience. There is no wasted time waiting for tech support, and no more hassles waiting for overworked IT personnel to contact you. Your people will enjoy a superior end-user experience.
  • A lower total cost of operation (TCO). When you’ve got bots handling all the preliminary troubleshooting for you, you can reskill your IT specialists to focus on more complex troubleshooting, which will make streamlining your budget easy and provide a justifiable ROI.
  • Enhanced productivity. We have a proactive approach to IT, which means we problem-solve device issues before they even happen, using a data-driven strategy. This means your people can stay working and keep being productive.
  • Knowledge management. Not only will you have certified technicians available for 16/5 DeviceCare support but also, they will enable the Service Desk and end-users with updated ITKBs (SoPs, and FAQs) for device troubleshooting. 


Add all these benefits up, and the result is clear: Zones DeviceCare will have a transformative effect on your business. There’s no time to waste – you’ll want to get started now.