Easing into hybrid work

As our world adjusts to the new normal, work preferences are changing and businesses are considering new options. From those favoring their home setup to those craving in-person interaction or something in between, one thing is certain, flexibility is more important than ever.

Data from The Work Trend Index Report shows that a hybrid model will work.


Hybrid work is inevitable

Business leaders are on the brink of major updates to accommodate what employees want: the best of both worlds.

  • 66% of leaders say their company is considering redesigning office space for hybrid work
  • 73% of employees want flexible remote work options to stay
  • 67% of employees want more in-person work or collaboration post-pandemic

More than a year of remote working has challenged us to rethink our traditional in-office work models. Moving toward hybrid work requires thoughtful planning and communication. And with employees working both onpremises and remotely, complete optimization of office spaces is crucial. Innovative solutions are necessary to ease the transition to this new work model.


Hybrid work and increased productivity

With a hybrid work plan, you can utilize your time better. You can choose to avoid commuting at busy times, choose to focus on tasks without the noises and interruptions of the traditional office environment and often, you can choose to work when you’re feeling most productive, which all may lead better worker wellbeing.


Taking steps toward hybrid work

Making hybrid work for you

It is clear the time is now to reimagine people, places, and processes for a hybrid world. If you have wondered how to navigate a flexible world of remote work and staying in touch with family and friends easily from anywhere, or how to make hybrid work for you, read on for what we have designed to help you thrive.


Connection is key

The future of work, e-learning, telehealth, staying in touch with family and friends, and so much more will depend on how we connect with secure, easy to use technology.

Video chat software such as Microsoft Teams are playing a critical role in connecting coworkers to their jobs and connecting family and friends. Flexible, hybrid work schedules give you a choice in how, when, and where you work, making it easier than ever to manage life, home, and career.

Creating a customized space in or outside the home wherever you work to virtually collaborate and socialize with colleagues, means more-than-adequate hardware and resources are crucial—including compatible digital accessories to do your job no matter how far from the office you are. When work is done for the day, you’ll also want your accessories performing double duty so you can easily video chat and message family and friends.