Get Ready to Embrace Modern IT Deployment

In the old days, we had "Classic IT." Each employee had a single company-owned device, and they all used legacy apps and operated on corporate networks. Those days are over now – and "Modern IT" is the new paradigm. Think multiple devices, some company-owned and some not, and a wide range of apps and data. It's a whole new world.

This raises a critical question – how will you deploy all these devices in a way that's quick, efficient, and secure?


Introducing Windows Autopilot

When it comes time to revamp your approach to device deployment, you can trust Windows Autopilot. With Autopilot, you get a process that's intuitive and cloud driven.


Microsoft and Zones are Here for You

At Zones, we are ready to help your business thrive. We will size up your environment, assist you with Windows Autopilot and Intune setup, and provide continual customer care to make sure your devices are still running smoothly.

Check out our whitepaper today, and learn how to accelerate your move to modern device management.

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Embrace Modern IT Deployment with Windows Autopilot and Zones