Enterprise Mobility & Security with Microsoft Intune


As business slings more data back and forth to employees who are in different locations and each have more devices at their fingertips than ever, the cost of managing those devices and their associated policies continues to increase.

Management tools and solutions are needed to enable secure collaboration, drive increased productivity across employees, and protect confidential data and information.

In this webinar, Micah Heaton and Owen Allen will talk about how Microsoft Intune can be a central component of an Enterprise Mobility and Security solution to help your organization run smoothly and remain secure. They will discuss how to enable a rich out of the box experience for client hardware, and how policies can feel seamless to users, while protecting company information.


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Micah Heaton Photo


Speaker: Micah Heaton

Position: Solutions Engineer


Micah is a certified Microsoft Security Administrator, Jamf administrator, and also possesses certifications in the Insurance vertical for claims database management and streamlining.  He's automated deployment solutions in catastrophe regions for USAA, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, State Farm, and Allstate as well as the other major North American carriers.

While his focus the past several years has been in Mobile Device and Cloud management of PC and Mac refreshes, his background the last 15+ years in Webhosting, Electronic Data Interchange, and systems work for the DoD and pharmaceuticals industry has given him exposure to varied fieldwork.  He brings a unique quality to customer interactions and will facilitate any pre-sales interaction as a trusted advisor.

Owen Allen Photo


Speaker: Owen Allen

Position: Chief Architect

Background: Owen has been helping companies grow more quickly using current technologies for over 20 years and brings experience earned while working as a Microsoft employee for more than ten decades.