Stories from the Other Side: How 7 Organizations Made Work-from-Anywhere Work for Everyone

The Rise of the Distributed Workforce

In response to the events of 2020, many organizations successfully spun up new technologies and rolled out new processes to enable their employees to stay connected and productive while working remotely. But what they didn’t know—and thus couldn’t prepare for—was the profound and permanent change in how and where work would be done.
After a prolonged period of working remotely, many employees have come to enjoy the flexibility and don’t want to return to an office at all, or at least not 100 percent of the time. And employers also are recognizing the benefits that a distributed workforce model can deliver.

Benefits of a Distributed Workforce Model

  • 61% of IT, HR and business decision-makers agree that their organization is experiencing the benefits of remote work.
  • 73% of workers want to be able to work from home after the pandemic.

Obstacles to Distributed Workforce Success

Whether organizations are planning a 100 percent return-to-office strategy, are pivoting to 100 percent remote, or want to support a hybrid work model enabling employees to shift seamlessly between the two, ensuring a best-in-class digital employee experience also requires the intelligence needed to provide the right access to the right workers right when they need it, wherever they need it.

Many IT teams are struggling with an assortment of technologies they quickly stitched together to support what they thought was a short-term period of remote work rather than a permanent shift to a work-from-anywhere model. And they are realizing that three key technology-related obstacles must be overcome to support a high-functioning distributed workforce for the long term.

  1. Suboptimal employee experience
    Employers need to prioritize employee experience to attract and retain talent, which means ensuring that both knowledge and frontline workers enjoy a consistent, high-quality experience in any location using their device and operating system of choice.
  2. Traditional security models that don’t scale
    Protecting a distributed organization requires the ability to extend security policies to new endpoints scattered across a broad array of locations, as well as provide visibility into all distributed apps, data, devices and networks. Zero Trust is a security approach that operates on the assumption that no device should be trusted—even if it’s connected to a managed corporate network.
  3. Operational complexity
    Many organizations had to piece together a remote workforce strategy using ad hoc solutions, which created silos and tool sprawl. IT teams need integrated solutions that are actionable and automated, while broadening visibility and reducing silos and operational overhead.

Empower Today’s Distributed Workforce with VMware Anywhere Workspace

VMware Anywhere Workspace is a pre-integrated solution that delivers secure and seamless experiences for distributed workforces while reducing costs and operational
overhead for organizations.
It combines the key elements of unified endpoint management, desktop and app virtualization, secure access service edge, and endpoint security technologies to fully meet the needs of today’s distributed workforce.

With Anywhere Workspace, organizations can:

Manage Multi-Modal Employee Experiences
Put employees first with device choice, flexibility and frictionless, high-quality experiences.

Secure the Distributed Edge
Ease the move to Zero Trust with situational intelligence and connected control points.

Automate the Workspace
Manage to outcomes, not tasks, with intelligent compliance, workflow and performance management.

Manage Multi-Modal Employee Experiences

Put employees first with device choice, flexibility and frictionless, high-quality experiences.
Meeting the needs of the distributed workforce means delivering uncompromised technology experiences for employees through remote work experiences, which can significantly improve satisfaction and help boost their productivity.

A best-in-class digital experience for employees is one that that optimizes onboarding for new team members wherever they are located; provides access to all the tools, technologies and resources they need to be productive on Day 1; and offers them flexibility and choice of platforms and devices.

VMware Anywhere Workspace provides a comprehensive architecture that puts the employee first, driving uncompromised performance and uptime through increased network agility, delivering immersive experiences across the entire employee lifecycle. With an intelligent, automated platform that enables continuous improvement, IT teams can enable employees to work smarter and better.

Enable touch-free IT
Deliver frictionless experiences for employees from onboarding to ongoing support—anywhere, anytime.

Provide freedom of choice
Support knowledge and frontline employees working in any location using any device—company-owned or BYO.

Deliver uncompromised uptime
Ensure a good application experience whether working from the office or remotely.

Secure the Distributed Edge

Ease the move to Zero Trust with situational intelligence and connected control points.

Strengthening security and compliance for more effective risk mitigation in increasingly distributed work environments means changing traditional security models that do not scale. IT teams need to extend security policies to new endpoints scattered across a broad array of locations, as well as get visibility into all the distributed apps, data, devices and networks in the ecosystem. Success starts by consolidating vendors to reduce security fragmentation and silos to make Zero Trust work. The Zero Trust approach to security assumes that no device should be trusted even if it’s connected to a managed corporate network.

Anywhere Workspace enables organizations to ease the move to Zero Trust through situational intelligence and connected control points by providing a holistic approach that combines endpoint security and endpoint management with network edge security.

Embrace least privilege
Shrink the attack surface with micro-segmentation and real-time continuous authentication and authorization for access control policies.

Leverage situational intelligence
Get trustworthy, actionable, and readily available environmental context and threat intelligence.

Connect control points
Align workload, network, device and access controls to the applications
and data being protected.

Automate the Workspace

Manage to outcomes, not tasks, with intelligent compliance, workflow and performance management.
How can time-stretched IT teams in distributed organizations protect and manage networks and endpoints while also providing a best-in-class experience for employees? Through automation.

By automating the workspace with intelligent compliance, workflow and performance management, IT teams can manage to outcomes rather than tasks—and more easily, effectively and efficiently support distributed workforce needs. Automation significantly simplifies and streamlines protection and management of the digital workspace to save time, money and resources.

Built on industry-leading unified endpoint management, desktop and app virtualization, secure access service edge (SASE), and endpoint security technologies, the VMware automation solution is based on a convergent infrastructure that allows for connected visibility and context across all vectors. It also simplifies processes with optimized, intelligent workflows, so IT teams can reduce tools and silos, lower operational overhead, and more effectively drive business outcomes.

Make intelligence work for you
Take advantage of unified intelligence to quickly identify, prioritize and generate automated actions.

Deploy custom workflows with ease
Create and deploy complex workflows with drag-and-drop flexibility and speed.

Implement cloud-native visibility and management
Extend visibility and management.

Empowering Faculty and Students with Access to Learning Resources

The district needed to provide students and staff with the flexibility to log in to district content remotely from anywhere while operating with limited IT budget and resources.

  • Solution
    More than 98% of students and staff members use VMware Horizon VDI software. They can run anything from a simple web browser, all the way to a game design with Autodesk applications. Using Horizon is enabling the district to replace equipment and save money.
  • Benefits
    Always-available access to district content and apps $4 million savings over a 10-year period

About Tyler ISD
As the largest school district in northeast Texas, Tyler ISD maintains a total of 36 campus and auxiliary facilities, has 2,300 employees, and serves an enrollment of more than 18,000 students. The district has two high schools, an Early College High School, Career & Technology Center, five middle schools, 17 elementary schools, two alternative schools, and one special education campus.

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Smart Working Policy Drives New Remote-Work Culture

Città metropolitana di Roma Capitale was embarking on digital transformation to eliminate the many tasks wedded to bureaucratic paper-based processes and relieve budget pressure as well as to cut Rome’s traffic congestion.

  • Solution
    By embracing VMware Horizon, the municipality has created—for the first time—a smart working policy that enables staff to work from home one day a week.
  • Benefits
    • Improved productivity, collaboration, and employee work-life balance
    • Reduced strain on the city’s transport infrastructure

About Città metropolitana di Roma Capitale
Città metropolitana di Roma Capitale is an area of local government in the Lazio region of Italy. Created in 2015 after the law 56/2014, it comprises the territory of the former province of Roma: the city of Rome and 121 other municipalities. With more than 4.5 million inhabitants, it is the largest metropolitan city in Italy.

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Enabling Enhanced Performance and Productivity Everywhere

As servers, storage, and networking equipment aged, Nol-Tec IT sought greater resiliency, flexibility, and visibility to build an agile organization that could deliver better services to the business. The company also wanted to give traveling employees more secure digital workspaces so they could better serve clients worldwide.

  • Solution
    By deploying VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Workspace ONE, Nol-Tec addressed its immediate needs and gained the foundation for growth. The process systems engineering leader has found tremendous value leveraging its partnerships with Dell, VMware and CDW plus VMware Professional Services.
  • Benefits
    • Deploys 7x faster—3.5 days versus 5 weeks to install separate products
    • Simplifying endpoint management and improving end-user experiences
About Nol-Tec Systems

Founded in 1983, Nol-Tec Systems is a global leader in process systems engineering with nearly 100 employees. Nol-Tec provides custom solutions, aligning with manufacturers, materials processors, and electrical generators to deliver the highest-quality material handling and control solutions.

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Embodying “New Work” Through a Digital Workplace Based on Zero Trust Security

To stay competitive in a world with heterogeneity of devices and operating systems, as well as to accommodate bring your own device (BYOD) policies, it was important to build on a modern, mobile workplace concept. SoCura wanted to provide mobile IT support that would make life easier, specifically seamless documentation of sensitive data. Becasuse work was mostly handled on paper, employees had to go back to the office to write up all documentation. SoCura customers also needed secure access to essential data from wherever they happened to be.

  • Solution
    The integrated platform from Workspace One makes it easier to onboard new staff and volunteers, which in turn makes it easier to recruit young talents who expect a lot in terms of new work and IT equipment. It also eases burden on employees during their daily work, and helps save huge amounts of time. With an access app, Workspace ONE is easier to use, and improves the separation of private and professional use. Critical data can be accessed around the clock. SoCura in turn leaves welfare, church and healthcare organizations excellently equipped to advance their digitalization and able to fully rely on secure, innovative IT services.
  • Benefits
    • A secure and stable IT infrastructure for external customers
    • Simplified onboarding and improved user satisfaction
    • Easier recruiting of young talents
About SoCura

SoCura, a subsidiary of the Malteser relief agency, is a provider of accounting, IT and personnel services for organizations in the welfare, church and healthcare space.

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Providing World-Class Patient Care from Any Device, Anywhere

St. John’s Health operated legacy technology that was disjointed and negatively affected the employee and patient experience. Nurses had to log in to as many as four legacy systems, and there were no workstations in patient rooms to update charts. Physicians and other caregivers lacked a single point of remote access entry to all applications.

  • Solution
    The healthcare provider adopted VMware Workspace ONE to put employees first. It allows staff to access critical applications and information from anywhere, helping physicians, nurses and other staff spend more time working with patients and less time worrying about technology.
  • Benefits
    • Improved patient outcomes
    • Healthy work-life balance for caregivers
About St. John’s Health

Located in Jackson, Wyoming, St. John’s Health is a regional medical system serving Teton County and surrounding counties with a team of 150 healthcare providers and 750 total staff. The facility admits approximately 1,900 patients, delivers 450 babies, performs 2,750 surgeries and handles 8,500 emergencies every year.

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Easing the Remote Work Transition

Preferred has a staff of 300 employees. With many of them regularly working remotely, the company wanted to give all its employees the option of either using a work device or using their own home machines yet needed to ensure policies were in place to protect files transferred back and forth.

  • Solution
    With VMware, the company has enabled Zero Trust and made accessing the VDI desktop from either a company-owned laptop that has the (VMware) View client installed on it as easy as from the personal desktop at home. No VPN client. No local network access. The company sees very little risk and little to no difference.
  • Benefit
    • Maximized remote employee and IT staff productivity
    • Maintaining security over company data

About Preferred Mutual
Preferred Mutual Insurance Company provides property and casualty insurance coverage to more than 232,000 individual and business customers through a network of more than 500 independent agents throughout New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In business since 1896, Preferred Mutual is rated “A” by A.M. Best Company and is headquartered in New Berlin, New York.

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Improving WAN Reliability While Reducing Branch Capital Costs

Devcon project managers and partners were experiencing poor quality of service for critical collaboration applications. Connectivity issues between team members and subcontractors also slowed large file transfers, such as blueprints, creating frustrating delays and dissatisfied users, while complicating security.

  • Solution
    Devcon adopted VMware SD-WAN to deliver virtualized services to remote sites with enterprise-class performance, visibility, and control. At Devcon, VMware SD-WAN is delivered over existing connections using business policy-driven templates that include built-in Quality of Service (QoS) parameters and are pre-configured for the network edge. The solution now connects everyone, over all of the company’s various connection links.
  • Benefits
    • Enabled reliable delivery of demanding mobile construction apps
    • Reduced WAN capital costs by 75%
    • Reduced operating costs by 50%
    • Improved worker productivity and satisfaction with collaboration apps

About Devcon Construction
Devcon Construction, Inc. is consistently ranked among the top 100 construction companies worldwide. Since 1976, the company has built high-quality corporate campuses, data centers, education projects, green buildings, luxury hospitality venues, and sports and entertainment complexes.
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Choose VMware Anywhere Workspace Solutions to Empower Your Distributed Workforce

VMware Anywhere Workspace is the first and only architecture that combines the capabilities of SASE, digital workspace, and endpoint security technologies required for highly engaged and productive employees, end-to-end Zero Trust security, and simplified IT modernization.

With Anywhere Workspace, IT teams can:
  • Meet employee expectations for onboarding, support and choice.
  • Achieve broader, more effective security that enables access to any app from any device.
  • Increase IT responsiveness and efficiency while breaking down silos, lowering IT complexity and total cost of ownership.

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