How AI Works to Prevent Advanced Cyberattacks 

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Produces the Best Block Rates 

Cyberattacks continually evolve at an ever-increasing pace, making them more difficult to prevent and even more dangerous. Protecting against these sophisticated attacks requires advanced technologies. 

This is where artificial intelligence, or AI, comes in. The sheer velocity of malware evolution, the geometric growth of enterprise connected devices, and petabytes of sensitive corporate data make it impossible for human-created models to provide comprehensive, up-to-date protection. 

By incorporating AI into its unified, multi-layererd security architecture, Check Point provides an intelligent system that not only detects, but actively prevents advanced attacks. 

Download the “How Artificial Intelligence Helps Achieve the Best Cyber Threat Prevention Rates” to learn: 

  • How incorporating AI engines into the adaptive security cycle enhances security 
  • How an intelligent, consolidated security architecture prevents known and zero-day attacks 
  • How real-life attacks were prevented by Check Point’s AI engines 

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