How Wi-Fi 6 can transform your business

With the 2019 release of Wi-Fi 6 (also known as AX WiFi or 802.11ax WiFi) businesses can now take advantage of the greater capacity, efficiency, and performance this new technology affords. As is the case when you’re considering any new technology, it’s important to first conduct a realistic assessment of your current operations. In this case, that begins with network connectivity and an assessment of your company network.


To fully realize the potential of Wi-Fi 6, you’ve got to make sure your business has a Wi-Fi 6-ready infrastructure in place. This means checking that your hardware is capable of handling a more robust network standard.


As more Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 devices become available – routers, laptop computers, and more – it’s also important to choose wisely by matching your technology investments with your organization’s needs and strategic objectives.

Is your business ready for Wi-Fi 6? Continue below to learn more.

A Wi-Fi 6 network connectivity symbol floating above long strings of ones and zeros.

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