Supercharge Your Business with Apple M1 Chip and Zones 

Apple® introduced its M1 chip in 2020, improving the performance, power efficiency, and battery life of all the devices that use it. And the new Apple M1 lineup is already forecast to drive significant benefits for the businesses that are adopting them. 

 This infographic illustrates the money-saving benefits that Apple M1 computers can offer your enterprise, including: 

  • Savings per device vs. comparable PCs’ hardware and software costs 
  • IT savings per device vs. PCs 
  • Increased security 
  • Increased employee retention 

You’ll also see how you can assess and optimize your Apple adoption with the Mac Eval Utility (MEU) and Zones. MEU is a macOS® application that Zones uses to analyze and report on your Mac® configuration and network environment. 

Download the infographic to learn more about how the Apple M1 Chip and Zones can supercharge your business.