Innovate Your Network & Data Center with Wifi 6



Benefits of Wi-fi 6

The sixth generation of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6, provides more speed, lower latency, and increased device density. With these improvements, as well as a reasonable cost to deploy, maintain, and scale, it proves to be the ideal system for indoor wireless connectivity, especially in areas where access points will serve more users. Wi-Fi 6 will promise to deliver dramatically better performance to mobile workers and the enterprise, which is important for mission-critical IoT devices being used in several industries.

jason pernell

Speaker: Jason Pernell

Position: World Wide Sr Director Intent-Based Networking Sales, Cisco

Background: Jason Pernell is a Worldwide Sales Sr. Director for Enterprise Networking at Cisco Systems. In his role, he is responsible for driving the shift from traditional enterprise networking platforms to a more open, software-driven, architecture. He enjoys spending time with customers and partners helping them navigate this time of unprecedented innovation to leverage IT as an asset to grow their business.

Bill Chien (1)

Speaker: Bill Chien

Position: Solutions Architect, Zones

Background: Over 20 years in the industry. He has designed and implemented some of the most complex wireless environments, for example factories and production sites, stadiums and arenas, airports, utility companies, hospitals, warehouses, salt mines to name a few. He has been at Zones for the past 4+ years and has helped several large companies with their wireless environments.