Intel™ vPro® Platform: Built for Business


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What is Intel vPro?

The Intel vPro Platform is a platform targeted to the business experience for IT, InfoSec and end-users. Intel vPro addresses IT issues, a set of hardware and technologies utilized to build business computing endpoints whether it be mobile or desktops.


Enhance performance, stability, security, and manageability. 

Devices built on the Intel vPro Platform propel the modern workplace and become strategic assets to your business.

In the era of remote workforce, the Intel vPro Platform delivers an optimized business experience for both employees and IT. It is flexible, giving IT a choice in what features to implement and when and integrates easily with third-party manageability tools.

In this webinar, speaker Sarah Weiskus, Enterprise Client Global Sales Director with Intel, will discuss how Intel vPro will help your business:

  • Help improve end-user experiences with powerful devices and more secure technology
  • Help deliver more consistent and fully managed PC technology refreshes and planning
  • Refocus IT resources and objectives on business-building projects
  • Professional and proactive IT maintenance and support from a service provider

The right computing solutions are essential to a modern workplace. The devices people use directly impact productivity, nurture core competencies, and drive collaboration that produces business results. The Intel vPro platform enables devices that will transform your business and become strategic assets.

Sarah Wieskus


Speaker: Sarah Wieskus

Position: Enterprise Client Global Sales Director, Intel

Background: Sarah manages a global technical team of experts focused on the deployment of Intel’s commercial client solutions and technologies in the enterprise marketplace. Previous to that she was the acting GM of the manufacturing influencer sales vertical. In that leadership role, she was responsible to drive the vertical sales strategy across all the business units Intel represents (client, datacenter, storage, networking, IOT, etc). She was responsible for a group of geographically based manufacturing sales directors that worked to maximize Intel’s footprint with manufacturing end-users accounts.