iOS® and iPadOS®  Deployment


iPhone and iPad can transform your business and how your employees work. They can significantly boost productivity and give your employees the freedom and flexibility to work in new ways, whether in the office or on the go. Embracing this modern way of working leads to benefits across the entire organization. Users have better access to information, so they feel empowered and are able to creatively solve problems. By supporting iOS and iPadOS, IT departments are viewed as shaping the business strategy and solving real-world problems, rather than just fixing technology and cutting costs. Ultimately everyone benefits, with an invigorated workforce and new business opportunities everywhere. Setting up and deploying iPhone and iPad throughout your business has never been easier. With Apple Business Manager and a third-party mobile device management (MDM) solution, your organization can easily deploy iOS and iPadOS devices and apps at scale.

  • Mobile device management allows you to configure and manage devices, and wirelessly distribute and manage apps.
  • Apple Business Manager automates enrollment of Apple devices into your MDM solution to streamline deployment with zero-touch configuration for IT.
  • Apple Business Manager lets you purchase apps and books in bulk and distribute them to users wirelessly.
  • Apple Business Manager also lets you create Managed Apple IDs for employees using federated authentication with Microsoft Azure AD.