Learning to Simplify and Scale Your Software Licensing

Software licensing is becoming a burden.


Especially now, in this era of remote and hybrid work, it’s difficult to maintain a handle on your IT environment. Your users are so spread out, spanning so many different locations and devices and endpoints, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. According to a recent Cisco survey, 68% of IT leaders say their environments have grown increasingly complex.

This aspect often goes under the radar, but it’s nonetheless true:
Software licensing plays a major role in this complexity. Every time you get a new user set up to work for your organization, you have to worry about getting them all the software they need, quickly and efficiently. This process can be burdensome, but it’s essential – giving people the right IT solutions is something your business relies on to compete.

What you need, therefore, is a way to maintain visibility into your complete IT environment, so you know how your software licensing needs are looking at all times. Whether it’s bundling software, refreshing licenses, or simply maximizing the efficiency of the solutions you have, you want to keep an eye on everything.

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Learning to Simplify and Scale Your Software Licensing