Maintain Business Continuity with DRaaS

Why disaster recovery matters today

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever for organizations to have consistent, reliable access to their data. Especially now, as employers are scattered all over the globe and hybrid work lifestyles have become so popular, solid data management is critical. Disaster recovery is a crucial part of this. If anything ever goes wrong with your company’s data – be it a manmade disruption, a natural disaster, or anything else – it’s important for you to have a plan ready in advance. You need quick, reliable service restoration that will keep your data accessible and your employees productive, no matter what adversity comes your way. This eBook will discuss how you can make that happen – plus lay out all the benefits of working with Zones to build a robust disaster recovery architecture.


Introducing Zones Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Zones offers a comprehensive solution designed to help your business plan for disaster recovery scenarios, and it’s called Zones Disaster Recovery as a Service.

You’ll enjoy...

• Consulting & Assessment Services: Zones will size up your environment and find out where your DR architecture could use some work.

• DR Implementation Services: We’ll define and design your DR plan, test it rigorously, and ensure that you have constant connectivity.

• Hosting Services: We offer cloud hosting, complete with perimeter and skeleton network services, as well as a customized SOW option for on-premises colocation hosting.

• DR Managed Services: Everything you need to optimize your DR environment – including configuration management, lifecycle management, and more.

The disaster recovery services you’ll get from Zones are comprehensive, and they will benefit your business immeasurably in the form of improved data availability and business continuity. We’ll worry about keeping your business running – all you’ve got to do is run your business.


A complete array of Disaster Recovery services

Let’s take a closer look at all the components that will benefit your business.

• Hosting. Including scalable cloud infrastructure as well as flexible hosting options.

• Managed Services. Lifecycle management, governance, ITSM, ITOM, SLA-based support, and more.

• Assessment. Including complete discovery of your environment as well as comprehensive reporting.

• Plan & Design. We’ll find a cloud architecture that’s a perfect fit for your business needs.

• Build & Configure. Zones will build your environment, get it up and running, and help you manage it on an ongoing basis.

• Testing. Our failover and failback methods will ensure that your DR architecture is rigorously tested.

Taken together, these services represent a DR foundation that you can trust to sustain your business, even in the face of the many IT risks you face in the modern era.

Traditionally, disaster recovery places a high level of demand on any organization’s IT infrastructure. It requires extra data center space, servers, networks, employee manpower, and often high operational costs as well. Additionally, if an IT disaster ever does happen, that means even more resource drain.