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Plan for Success or Accept Failure

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A disaster could strike your business at any time. It may come without warning; it may come with no apparent rhyme or reason. And unfortunately, it may have major effects on the continuity of your business. That's why, if you're in charge of your company's IT, you've got to have a plan.
Especially now, with the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, bad actors have plenty of time on their hands, and they're launching some of the most sophisticated cyberattacks the world has ever seen. Bad Rabbit, Cerber, Dharma, Clop Ransomware, Fake Windows Update, and Zeus Gameover have all been major players in recent months, causing businesses to lose a great deal of time and revenue. In some cases, organizations have even had to close up shop entirely.

You can't prepare for every possible event. But you can - and you must - understand the risks that a potential disaster presents. You should also have a game plan at your fingertips, ready to deploy a moment's notice if a disaster does strike. This whitepaper will walk you through that process.

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