Prevent, Detect, and Correct with Zones Cloud Governance Services

With every passing second, 68 people have their personal data stolen. And with more employees these days using their personal devices for work, that means businesses are being impacted by these data breach incidents. Do you have a plan to protect your business? What’s your strategy to detect breaches and remediate the situation when a breach does happen? Zones is here to walk you through industry best practices. Join Tony Rylands, Director of Cloud Strategy, as he demonstrates how Zones’ cloud governance services can help you stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve.



Tony Rylands, Director, Cloud Strategy, Zones

Tony has over 20 years of solution sales, design, installation, configuration, and support with specialized expertise in Cloud Solution Adoption, Cloud Collaboration, Hosted Contact Center, Open Source/ Openstack, DevOps, Multi-tenant DC, XaaS Consumption, SP Networking, Triple Play Service Offerings, and LAN/WAN Design. Tony has a degree in Computer Science and is focused on customer and partner success using cloud technology.