Redefining Remote Work for a Sustainable Future

Over the last year and a half, we’ve witnessed a rapid transformation in the ways people work. Employees no longer want to be simply stuck in an office environment, tethered down to a desk – they demand the freedom to work from home, or otherwise remotely, and drift in and out of the office as they please. Today’s worker wants to “work from anywhere.

Of course, with the rise of this trend comes an increasing demand for IT to accommodate these roving employees. Because this change happened so quickly, many corporate IT leaders were forced to scramble and come up with arrangements on the fly. Whether it’s the network, the data center, or the security framework involved, everything had to be slapped together quickly. “It works for now” was considered good enough.

Now, though, the paradigm is changing. Employers are realizing that this is no longer just about “for now” – remote and hybrid work are going to be our reality for the foreseeable future, and IT needs a framework for it that has real staying power. The challenge isn’t just to stay afloat – it’s to create a real, sustainable approach to IT that is sustainable, scalable, and future-proof.

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