Redefining Remote Work for a Sustainable Future

Over the last year and a half, we’ve witnessed a rapid transformation in the ways people work. Employees no longer want to be simply stuck in an office environment, tethered down to a desk – they demand the freedom to work from home, or otherwise remotely, and drift in and out of the office as they please. Today’s worker wants to “work from anywhere.
Of course, with the rise of this trend comes an increasing demand for IT to accommodate these roving employees. Because this change happened so quickly, many corporate IT leaders were forced to scramble and come up with arrangements on the fly. Whether it’s the network, the data center, or the security framework involved, everything had to be slapped together quickly. “It works for now” was considered good enough.
Now, though, the paradigm is changing. Employers are realizing that this is no longer just about “for now” – remote and hybrid work is going to be our reality for the foreseeable future, and IT needs a framework for it that has real staying power. The challenge isn’t just to stay afloat – it’s to create a real, sustainable approach to IT that is sustainable, scalable, and future-proof.

Starting with the right devices.

To equip your people to work effectively from anywhere, the first thing you need is to put the right devices at their fingertips.

And thanks to Dell Technologies and Zones, that’s easy to do, as we deliver a wide range of PCs, monitors, and accessories that are designed for productivity and portability.

For starters, the Dell Latitude line includes a variety of powerful laptops and 2-in-1 devices that are easy to use and great for working remotely, both individually or as part of a team. With up to 4K narrow border screens and thermal innovation featuring dual opposite outlet fans, these machines will stay durable and keep you productive through thick and thin. And, thanks to their advanced cameras and Intelligent Audio capabilities, it’s easy to collaborate with teammates remotely.

Dell Technologies also offers the very best in monitors. They’re the world’s No. 1 monitor company for a reason – they deliver innovative technology, multitasking functionality, and comfort features that will help you be more productive no matter where you work. Plus, you get Dell Display Manager, a comprehensive display management solution that lets you stay on top of everything.

As for accessories, Dell Technologies has got you covered there as well. Whether you’re looking for a 20-point multi-touch display, a webcam, speakers, or anything else to boost your remote productivity, you can get it from Dell and Zones.


Making security a top priority.

Let’s be clear about this: Cybercrime is a serious threat to the modern employee, especially now with people so often working remotely.

When your employees are scattered around everywhere, your data will be as well, and that means you’re vulnerable at a wide range of endpoints. Attacks are going to be a constant cause for concern – and they’re evolving every day.

The good news is that Dell Technologies is hard at work creating security solutions that will protect your users and your data at every level – both above the operating system level and below it. For example, with Dell SafeBIOS, you will have clear visibility into even the most carefully hidden attacks that are lurking below the OS. Dell uses a protected image of your IT infrastructure to verify BIOS integrity and alert you to any unexpected intrusions. This lets you sniff out attacks immediately.

Additionally, users can benefit from the Dell SafeGuard and Response portfolio, powered by VMware Carbon Black and Secureworks. SafeGuard and Response gives you a comprehensive approach to endpoint threat management, combining attack prevention with detection and response capabilities. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, this solution will detect any and all unusual behavior by monitoring activity at the application level. You’ll never again have to worry about an attack catching you by surprise.


Rethinking your network architecture.

When your employees are working in entirely new ways, you may need an entirely new network architecture to accommodate them.

Numerous organizations are making this a priority in 2021 – and Dell Technologies and Zones are teaming up to give them the IT resources they need.

By modernizing your network with Dell EMC SD-WAN, you can adapt to the new cloud era we all now live in, giving people everything they need to thrive in the new normal. You’ll enjoy:

  • Dell’s SD-WAN appliances come to you fully configured, right out of the box – it’s simply plugged and play. You don’t have to worry about setup or anything, and you’re ready to drive productivity from day one.
  • Dell SD-WAN will help to optimize your network traffic overnight. You’ll have clear gateways to your most commonly used cloud resources, which will ensure that your teams work more productively, and latency is minimized.
  • With SD-WAN, you get an easy and secure path to your corporate network. There’s no need for additional VPNs or anything like that – your network simply allows the people you trust and keeps out those you don’t. This makes for a safe and smooth employee experience.

No matter where your employees work, Dell EMC SD-WAN is there to make life easier. With the right network in place, anything is possible.


Zones can play a key strategic role.

Dell Technologies makes a variety of IT products that are designed to keep your people productive, even during these rapidly changing times. This naturally leads us to the question: Where does Zones come in?

The answer is that Zones works hand in hand with Dell, Microsoft, and many other strategic partners to design comprehensive “work from anywhere” solutions. It’s not just about buying the hardware and software you need – what your business really requires is a complete, holistic solution that will set you up for success. You want an IT partner by your side that will keep an eye on your infrastructure, keep you aware of its strengths and weaknesses, and work with you to design cutting-edge solutions.

Zones can do that. And we have a great many services available that will make that process as smooth and seamless as possible. For example, our Global Supply Chain as a Service offering is designed to get you your IT quickly and efficiently – and plus, our status as a Co-Delivery Partner for Dell Technologies means that our team is trained and certified to deliver Dell products right to your doorstep.


About Dell Technologies and Zones

Zones and our partners, working together, have what it takes to future-proof your infrastructure. We’ll make sure your people can achieve their fullest potential, both now and in the future. To dig a little deeper into how we can propel your business forward, check out our Dell Technologies e-commerce page today and explore the wide range of products we have available