Simplify Procurement with Supply-Chain Partner Integrations




Customer Experience

Customers are now able to view and manage orders and quote status in real-time with myZones, anew self-serve platform. myZones provides enhanced data visibility and real-time access to insights. This platform is designed to deliver a customized experience tailored to each customer.

Supply Chain

Zones' supply chain is end-to-end from vendor to delivery. Zones re-engineered the supply chain process to provide the right information at the customer's fingertips by re-imagining workflow management, order management, inventory management, and service management.

Employee Effectiveness

Examination and reimagination of business functions: Customer service to service delivery to drive improvements that improve overall customer experience.

In this webinar Saad Ayub, Zones Chief Digital Officer, shares their three-program strategy and lessons learned toward achieving digital transformation, followed by a demo of myZones, a new centralized digital platform for enhancing clients' relationships with Zones.



Organizations are looking to simplify procurement by having their supply chain partners integrate with in-house systems. In this session of CustomerConnect, Vivek Singh, Chief Technology Officer of Zones, discusses how Zones has embraced the concept and provides a variety of options to help customers transact from within their enterprise platforms or portals.



Some of the ways Zones can work for you, beyond simply the e-commerce website experience, are as follows:

  • APIs: Seamlessly integrate internal business applications like ticketing systems or ordering portals with Zones. Quotes and orders can be placed via secure API calls that eliminate swivel chair operations. Product information, order status, shipping, and asset information can be obtained as well, completing the ordering experience.
  • Cloud Marketplaces: Effortlessly integrate cloud marketplaces such as Ariba and Coupa with Zones. We can handle hosted catalogs and punchouts to a custom catalog on with a branded look and feel.
  • EDI: Reliably integrate using existing EDI and ERP systems to manage your supply chain. Zones can integrate with EDI feeds to completely handle all steps of the transaction. With any of the above methods, Zones works internally for you to see the same view of the orders as you do in your systems, resulting in a consistent experience. All of this furthers our mutual goal of error- and touch-free transactions and cost reduction.



Speaker: Vivek SIngh

Position: Chief Technology Officer

Background: As Chief Technology Officer, Vivek Singh makes all executive decisions with regard to Zones’ technological interests. He is responsible for outlining the company’s technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that technological resources are aligned with business needs. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt, with the process mind-set that companies need to grow at scale. His patents run industry-leading software and he brings that same creativity to e-commerce. Before joining Zones, Singh was Head of Services in North America for Schlumberger Information Solutions. Prior to that, he created numerous innovations leading global product development teams. Singh holds an MBA from Duke University and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Texas. He has also completed an Executive Management Program at INSEAD.



Speaker: Krams Ramasubramanian

Position: Director of eCommerce

Background: As Director of eCommerce, Krams is responsible for ensuring Zones’ eCommerce platform provides clients a solution they can transact via even as they continue to evolve their own digital roadmap. He comes to Zones with a strong background in software development as well as helping clients benefit from adopting technology solutions. Prior to joining Zones, Krams served as an IBM partner helping clients benefit from the IBM commerce solutions portfolio. He has delivered customer-facing solutions for over 20 years across a wide variety of industries, working with very large organizations such as Allstate, Siemens, and Citicorp and at the other end of the spectrum, a variety of technology startups.