Smarter Infrastructure Solutions for the Data-Centered  

The data-centered are visionaries and tech optimists, executives and engineers, researchers and managers alike that use data to dramatically accelerate their organizations' growth and solve for their greatest challenges.


Our vision:

To be the most trusted data center partner — empowering customers' Intelligent Transformation and helping solve humanity's greatest challenges.


The Data-Centered

Lenovo serves and empowers the Data-Centered. Because we know data doesn’t transform the world. People do. On its own, data is powerless. It takes smarter, more ambitious, more driven humans to bring it to life. To apply it. To derive its meaning. To give it purpose. To see its potential to dramatically accelerate their organizations, improve their industries, and solve humanity’s greatest challenges. Because numbers add up, but it’s the people who make them count. They are visionaries and tech optimists. Executives and engineers. Researchers and managers alike.

They are The Data-Centered.


How Lenovo earns the trust of the Data-Centered

  • Customer Centric: Outcomes and end to end experience
  • Reliable: Infrastructure and Support
  • Open: Solutions for any organization at any scale
  • Secure: Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Sustainable: Business practices


Being customer centric means delivering smarter infrastructure solutions

  • Cloud computing
  • Analytics & AI
  • Edge computing
  • As-a-Service


Confidently accelerate your cloud transformation

  • Define and implement an end-to-end cloud lifecycle strategy that’s best for your business
  • Accelerate time to value with proven and ready-to-deploy, open cloud solutions
  • Simplify management of your cloud environment from data migration, data management to fully outsourced services


Define & Implement a Cloud Lifecycle Strategy

  • Lean on Lenovo’s global team
  • Plan, implement and optimize the right approach
  • Simplify management of your cloud environment

Lenovo has cloud experts in 165 countries to help design an end-to-end cloud strategy


Accelerate Projects With Ready-to-Deploy Open Cloud Solutions

  1. Customers have the best choice of pre[1]tested and pre-configured cloud infrastructure solutions
  2. Benefit from simplified deployment and pre-defined optimization for key workloads
  3. Leverage cloud tiering via ONTAP to maximize storage options for AWS, Azure, and Google


Simplify your cloud management with Lenovo

Intelligent cloud migration

Move data, applications and business elements to the cloud faster and easier.


Advanced control and scalability

ThinkSystem servers offer advanced control and scalability through open standards and modular engineering to power the most demanding workloads.


Robust cloud data management

Through a combination of industry’s most reliable server platforms, partner flexibility and data management delivered via ONTAP.


Don’t accept one-size-fits-all when it comes to Analytics & AI

  • When it comes to implementing Analytics and AI, you need a strategic partner dedicated to your business results
  • Time is money and data is the new currency. So for analytics and AI solutions, time-to-value is essential
  • Analytics and AI demand high-performance computing optimized for your workloads


You need a strategic partner dedicated to your business result

  1. Deep understanding of analytics and AI workloads
  2. Industry recognized expertise in developing compute solutions for analytics and AI, anchored by four global AI innovation centers
  3. Balancing requirements within your existing utility computing infrastructure


For Analytics and AI - Time-to-Value is Essential

Time is Money

Don’t let technology barriers delay your analytics and AI strategies


Leverage Exascale

High performance computing systems that fit within your existing infrastructure


Partner Certified

Solutions for use with SAP, Oracle, MS SQL, Cloudera, DSS for IBM Spectrum Scale


High Performance Computing

The pathway to leveraging critical data for business success


Exascale to Everyscale

High performance computing and data management solutions for the most data intensive workloads with advanced features formerly found only in Supercomputers, now available to you.


Component Innovation

High Performance Computing achieved with energy efficient, air-cooled and Neptune™ liquid-cooled CPUs and GPUs that scale from a single server to hundreds of racks.


Most reliable x86 compute platform

Lenovo starts with the industry’s most reliable x86 compute platform and adds the performance and optimization required to run analytics and AI on any scale.



Edge computing

Wherever you define the edge, Lenovo has your edge-computing

  • Having ‘data-center like’ compute performance & 24/7 availability in the field where the data is generated, is critical for real-time insights & actions.
  • Edge environments can be hostile when it comes to temperature, vibration, dust, and even potential tampering. You need a rugged solution designed for demanding environments – inside or outside.
  • Lenovo has the expertise to help you define your IoT Edge strategy, evaluate your analytics & AI requirements, and run proof-of-concepts needed to get started fast.


'Data-center like’ compute performance is critical at the edge

  1. Perform real-time analytics and run applications on purpose-built edge servers that fit anywhere, designed with high performance CPUs and GPUs for additional AI capabilities.
  2. Choice of integrated storage and data management for a complete edge IT solution.
  3. Compact & versatile design Smaller in size, same performance!


Edge environments can be hostile

You need a rugged solution designed for the varying environments found in the field – inside or outside.


No wires

With integrated Wi-Fi / LTE to enable low-touch provisioning and remote management.


Designed with unique security

Tamper-proof physical security and data encryption.


Temperature resilient design

Able to operate from 0° to 55°C, as well as locations with high dust and vibration


Expertise to help you define your edge strategy

Automate edge deployments

Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) automatically orchestrate the deployment of your edge platform.


Workshops, strategy engagements, and managed services to get started

When you are ready to deploy, we have built high[1]performance AI inference capability into space-efficient servers for visual compute or other automation tasks.


One place for everything

Edge POCs, Edge storage solutions, ready-to-use tools, and access to experts in AI and edge computing



Manage Your Infrastructure Solutions As-A-Service With Lenovo TruScale™

  • Regardless Of Your Business Size, Lenovo Has An As-a-Service Model Right For You
  • Experience cloud-like financial agility with the advantages of on-premises infrastructure
  • Lenovo Allows You To Focus On Your Business Instead Of Your Infrastructure


Regardless of your business size, Lenovo has an As-a-Service model right for you

Lenovo TruScale™ a new experience in IT consumption

  1. Define your consumption plan No minimum infrastructure capacity commitment - from 0% to 100%.
  2. Benefit from the latest technology without initial high investment.
  3. Exceptional customer service from a dedicated Customer Success Manager.


Experience cloud-like financial agility with the benefits of on-premise infrastructure

Pay only for what you use

Predictable monthly payments based on your usage


Financial agility

Easily scale up or down to meet changing business needs


Capital freedom

To invest in your business with reduced IT budget worries


Focus On Your Business Instead Of Your Infrastructure

Speed time to value

Includes hardware installation, deployment, management, maintenance and removal.


Free staff to focus on the business

“Hands-off” infrastructure, just plug it in and turn it on. Lenovo Professional Services experts proactively monitor and manage your system 24/7 to ensure maximum uptime.


Control your security policy

At the application layer and above for full control of your company data.


Being reliable means collaborating with the Data-Centered

Relationships built on trust

  • Lenovo has one of the industry's most diverse cultures and operating models
  • We collaborate to best understand how people, processes and products interact


Customer focused supplier

  • 51 contact centers globally to provide localized support
  • Technical support teams in 165 countries
  • 4 AI Innovation Centers to assist with POC testing
  • 4 Executive Briefing Centers globally, where customers can learn about the latest trends and technology


Trusted partner network

  • 23,000 channel partners worldwide, act as an extension of our sales and support teams
  • Our channel first commitment empowers us to continually improve the engagement between our partners and Lenovo


Being reliable means providing deep optimization expertise

Lenovo’s tuning scenarios are designed for key workloads from virtualization to AI. Nearly 3X as many #1 results as any other server vendor.


Being reliable means having services available worldwide 24x7

Solution services

From the simple to the complex, our experts work with you to find the right solution for your one-of-a-kind strategic and business needs.


Implementation services

Accelerate time to productivity, so you can focus on taking care of your customers and growing your business.


Premier Support services

Around the world and around the clock, our experts are standing by 24x7 to safeguard your investment.


Lenovo TruScaleTM infrastructure services

The pay-as-you-go infrastructure: cloud-based economics on premises.


Being open means offering the Data-Centered a breadth of open infrastructure solutions


We work closely with our software partners to provide engineered, tested, and certified IT solutions that are high performance, scalable, and cost-effective.



Open, reliable and secure platforms that seamlessly integrate with your environment.


Being open means a global partnership with Intel

Lenovo and Intel deliver the right High Performance and AI computing solutions to meet your business needs - From Exascale to Everyscale

  1. Get fast insights with HPC innovation Innovate faster by leveraging maximum efficiency and performance using Lenovo’s Everyscale innovation, fueled by Intel’s latest technologies.
  2. Get fast insights with HPC innovation Innovate faster by leveraging maximum efficiency and performance using Lenovo’s Everyscale innovation, fueled by Intel’s latest technologies.
  3. Adopt HPC faster with flexibility Access HPC at Everyscale with Lenovo’s flexible consumption models, industry-leading portfolio, and Intel Select Solutions.


Being secure means being accountable

Lenovo is open, transparent and accountable to our customers, partners and shareholders

Lenovo is truly independent with two worldwide headquarters in the U.S. and China but not controlled by any government entity in which it operates.

We are proud to count numerous government agencies and their respective departments as our customers around the world.


Being secure means transparent Business practices

Trusted Supplier Program

  • Documented, auditable supply chain program ensures end-to-end security
  • Suppliers undergo quarterly compliance and security assessments


Transparent Supply Chain: Traceability at the component and system level


Being sustainable means being responsible


Intelligently measure and mitigate climate change and environmental impacts.



Ensure all people are treated fairly and can succeed in a safe and inclusive environment.



Promote our culture of integrity across Lenovo and our suppliers.

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