Streamline and Enhance the Delivery of Care


Providers are looking for ways to deliver faster, more personalized care to their patients while improving communications within their care teams. Whether you are a small clinic, a large academic medical center, or a large enterprise, the right technology workflows can support your patients and staff. In this breakout session, presenters from Jamf and Zones will discuss how you can empower patients and care teams with Apple. 

Speaker: Mike Maue
Position: Advanced Technology Executive, Zones
Background: Mike Maue is an experienced sales agent in the Technology Security field, specializing in helping enterprise and mid-sized companies with small tech security teams dive deep into their data and ensure that they are appropriately protected. Mike is well versed in the MSSP marketplace and can help you target specific problems for an ideal outcome.
Speaker: Adam Mahmud 
Position: Senior Product Marketing Manager, Healthcare, Jamf
Background: Adam Mahmud, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Healthcare, joined Jamf after working for Apple Business, helping organizations of all sizes deploy Apple mobile solutions. He comes from a family of healthcare practitioners and entrepreneurs. With a long history of navigating his own healthcare journey, he has a passion for how technology can improve patient outcomes and clinical efficiencies.