Manage all cloud subscriptions through single platform, Zones Cloud 2.0



Zones Cloud 2.0 is a web-based self-service platform for customers to manage cloud subscriptions through a single console.

In this session, Todd Carter, Director of Zones Cloud Program and Platform Strategy, reviews how Zones Cloud 2.0 enables customers to subscribe, consume, and manage the different applications required to ensure optimal customer experience for support and transparency.

We're thrilled to introduce Zones Cloud v2.0, a new cloud platform that should revolutionize the way we do business with our clients. Zones Cloud v2.0 will make it easy for Zones clients to manage their cloud subscriptions, control their cloud spend, and optimize their IT assets. The goal is to give clients a highly engaging digital experience for procuring, optimizing, and managing their software and cloud subscriptions.


The original Zones Cloud, launched in August 2019, was a success, but this newer incarnation is even better. Zones Cloud v2.0 represents a marked improvement in a number of ways, including an enhanced user experience and the addition of new order workflows that simplify the process of adding and updating cloud and software subscriptions. There's also a new Zones Cloud Marketplace, which gives clients access to a whole world of new offers and subscriptions from our many cloud partners.

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Speaker: Todd Carter

Position: Director, Cloud Commerce Programs and Platform Strategy

Background:Throughout his career, Todd has focused on helping companies with their technology decisions.  Working with customers in the Enterprise, SLED, Telecom, Service Provider, and Hosting provider markets, Todd has helped companies incorporate cloud technologies to improve their business and operational outcomes. Todd has helped companies define and bring to market their Public and Private IaaS/PaaS cloud services using technologies such as OpenStack, VMware, Virtuozzo, Plesk, Windows Server, and Linux while also working closely with Public Cloud Providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, GoDaddy, and Digital Ocean to resell their services and capabilities. Todd also works closely with Cloud ISV SaaS communities to develop their sales channels through Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and AWS Partner Network (APN) Providers and has helped them bring their SaaS solutions to markets around the world. Todd works closely with partners and customers and, together with his team, develops solutions that solve real problems. From consulting, educating, selling, evangelizing, conducting demos and POCs, Todd is a strategic systems thinker who likes to creatively and collaboratively lead teams to new futures. I have been fortunate to hone my skills by leading organizational transformation at small and large companies to build and bring new technology solutions to the market. Currently, I am serving as the Director of Cloud Commerce Programs and Platform Strategy at Zones Inc.