Support End-Users with NextGen Workplace Services

What are NextGen Workplace Services?

In the course of their daily work routines, every end-user in your organization is bound to need assistance with one IT challenge or another. Zones offers NextGen Workplace Services providing support and addressing issues in your end users’ work environments. Zones can be their first point of contact for device support, application management, and more, providing a range of services including automation, chatbot assistance, and help with self-service. In short, this solution addresses all end-user needs. Zones approach to NextGen Workplace Services includes three major components –

• Service Desk Operations

• Modern Device Management

• Digital Experience Management

Your users’ first point of contact for all IT-related issues.

• Chatbot: A cognitive bot that can interact with users and discuss IT troubleshooting.

• Knowledge Management: Timely updates to your knowledge base, including the latest SOPs.

• Executive Support: Priority support for VIP users.

• Remote Support: A remote tool that supports far-away users with their technical issues. For clients that need additional services, these services are also available:

• Multi-Lingual Support: Voice assistance is available to users in 10+ languages.

• Real-Time Translation: Translation service available to assist with IT support chats.

• Outbound Call Support: Provides user updates and coordinates with Tier 2/3 teams via calls.

• E-Bonding of ITSM Tool: Brings users into Zones’ ITSM platform through e-bonding to work on tickets. At the core of Zones' NextGen Workplace Services is a Service Desk that’s available to assist end-users with any and all IT challenges they come across. This offering includes a number of services that come by default, as well as a few other optional add-ons for Zones clients that particularly need them.

Modern Device Management (MDM)

Today’s users rely on their mobile devices for handling a wide range of tasks on a daily basis - and as such, they encounter situations where they need support with their devices. Zones’ approach to Modern Device Management has them covered.

Our default services include:

• Remote Assistance: Support for distributed users with all device and application management issues.

• MDM Setup & Configuration: Assistance with setting up users’ MDM environments, customized to their specific settings.

• Device & Patch Management: Zones will maintain device patches and perform periodic updates as necessary.

• Compliance Management: Zones will ensure that clients are adhering to compliance policies, using regular monitoring.

• Application Management: Zones will manage app deployment and management, as well as provide app usage reporting and analytics. On top of these basic offerings, there is a wide range of additional services available upon request:

• Assessment Services: Zones is available to perform specific assessments as per client needs.

• Consulting Services: Consulting and advisory services are available for MDM setup, security audits, migration, and assessment.

• Pilot and PoC Services: Zones is also on hand to address pilot and PoC requests for specific use cases.


Digital Experience Management

• Self-Service & Self-Help: Zones provides an app to help end users perform IT support actions for themselves.

• AI-Enabled Event Detection: An out-of-the-box self-healing solution is available to support with events.

• IT Announcements & Notifications: Clients can display notifications to their end users through a self-help app.

• Tool Subscription & Management: Zones will manage tools subscription, RBAC, upgrades, and more. In addition to the basic offerings above, Zones clients have the option of purchasing the following add-ons:

• Customization: Custom self-healing solutions are available for end users who need them.

• Service Desk: Proactive IT support for users, allowing them to stay one step ahead of IT issues.

• Analytics & Reporting: Zones provides both proactive and reactive analysis of users’ environments, as well as periodic reporting on specific KPIs.

• Assessments & Monitoring: Zones offers assessments to support migrations and upgrades as well as monitoring for specific use cases.

• Integrations: ITSM and chatbot integrations are available, per users’ needs. Every day that your employees spend at the office is a digital experience - and that’s why Zones offers Digital Experience Management services that are designed to cater to their needs.

• Reduced downtime. Because your end users have 24/7 access to IT support, they should see a 90% decrease in outages.

• A superior user experience. There will be no more time wasted by users waiting for IT help, and reduced hassle for IT personnel as well.

• An optimized budget. When you have automated processes for IT troubleshooting, you can reskill your support staff to focus on more pressing issues, helping you reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

• End-to-end quality support. Certified technicians will be available for your users around the clock, as well as centralized management of your end users’ environments. • Increased productivity.

Your IT will be proactive from now on, not reactive, and you will have an analytics-driven approach to optimizing everything, across the board. In summation:


Why adopt NextGen Workplace Services?

If your business makes this move, what tangible benefits can you expect to see?

NextGen Workplace Services’ are an important piece of the puzzle. To drive digital transformation in the enterprise, you need to be sure that all your users, at all levels of your organization, have the IT support they need to get through the day. That’s why we offer a comprehensive package that provides that support.