Taking on the Challenge of Vulnerability Management


Knowing the importance of security.

For any organization that aspires to be successful today, security is an absolute must. It’s a table-stakes requirement – without your data, your devices, and your users being completely secure, it’s difficult to even begin tackling larger business initiatives. But here’s the thing: Taking on the security challenge begins with fully understanding it. For starters, you need to know where and how your organization is vulnerable. After all, if you don’t know where you’re vulnerable, how can you even begin to defend yourself? To protect your business-critical assets – and ensure compliance – you must first identify, prioritize, and mitigate against important vulnerabilities. You must do this proactively, before cybercriminals can spot your weaknesses and exploit them. And keep in mind: With new weaknesses constantly being created by changing systems, services, and applications, you must continue scanning for vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis.


In total, what you get is an accurate, cost-effective solution for detecting and managing vulnerabilities.


So: What can your organization do to stay on top of your vulnerabilities?

Our offering includes a wide range of industry-leading tools that are designed to help you identify, classify, and prioritize weaknesses as needed. We deliver meaningful intelligence on verified vulnerabilities and quickly show you the fastest route to remediate or mitigate against them – all without interrupting business as usual. Zones’ Vulnerability Management services feature automated, on-demand, and manual scanning, using up to seven best-of-breed scanning engines, supplemented by Zones' own custom-developed tools. In total, what you get is an accurate, cost-effective solution for detecting and managing vulnerabilities.


Introducing Vulnerability Management services from Zones


Walking through the service components


Regularly scheduled scanning.

Zones will regularly scan your IT infrastructure, giving you real-time access to detailed intelligence on your security posture. You will have immediate access to highlight and review any critical or high-impact vulnerabilities – as well as any false positives.


Access to security experts.

You’ll have a team of experts with vulnerability management experience, right at your fingertips. This ensures that you’ll have proactive monitoring of all security scans to make sure they run successfully. You’ll also be able to schedule regular status meetings with the Zones Service Management team that will keep you updated.


Clear visibility.

Thanks to Zones, you’ll have on-demand access to the Zones Managed Vulnerability Scan Broadview portal, which will give you complete visibility into all vulnerabilities detected within your network. This offering really is the complete package. With Zones in your corner, you’ll be ready to truly conquer your IT vulnerabilities.


What are you really getting?

The first benefit is simple: Access to the best technology. Everyone needs to scan for IT vulnerabilities, but you’ve got to do it in a way that saves time and money. Our seven best-of-breed scanning tools, combined with custom-developed Zones applications, will make sure your scanning process is lean and efficient. On top of that, you’ll benefit from increased visibility. Zones will help you carry out comprehensive assessments – our process is exhaustive, multi-layered, and uses a combination benefits of tools and techniques to find every possible vulnerability. Everything will be out in the open – you’ll never be caught off guard by a security issue again. Finally, you’ll benefit from reduced risk. When you have a clear process for finding and remediating vulnerabilities, you reduce the risk of not only data breaches but also regulatory compliance violations. This means your business can move forward with confidence, no longer needing to worry about potential IT weaknesses.


Understanding the business

Vulnerability Management services are an investment – and when you make that investment, you want to be sure you’ll get something back. So, let’s talk about how your business will benefit from this Zones offering.

We’re here to be your go-to security provider, striving to build a safer digital society for everyone. We’ve always been at the cutting edge of threat research, and we’re an intelligence-driven security provider, offering you unparalleled access to information on current and emerging threats. We have a years-long track record when it comes to information security. Our researchers, analysts, and other subject matter experts are best in class. We take pride in offering organizations global protection, yet local expertise, giving them complete and total support throughout the entire threat lifecycle. This is what we’ve always done for our clients, and we’re ready to do the same for you next.