The 3 Programs of Zones' Digital Transformation

Customer Experience

Customers are now able to view and manage orders and quote status in real-time with new self-serve platform, myZones. myZones provides enhanced data visibility and real-time access to insights. This platform is designed to deliver a customized experience tailored to each customer.


Supply Chain 

Zones' supply chain is end-to-end from vendors to delivery. Zones re-engineered the supply chain process to provide the right information at the customer's fingertips by re-imagining workflow management, order management, inventory management, and service management.

supply chain


Employee Effectiveness

Examination and reimagination of business functions: customer service to service delivery to drive improvements that improve overall customer experience.

In this webinar Zones Chief Digital Officer, Saad Ayub, shares their 3 program strategy, and lessons learned toward achieving digital transformation followed by a demo of myZones, a new centralized digital platform for enhancing clients' relationships with Zones.



Speaker: Saad Ayub

Position: Chief Digital Officer

Background: As the CDO, he is responsible for developing overall digital strategy and driving an enterprise-wide transformation of Zones' business model and service offerings.

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Speaker: Stephen Maskell

Position: Vice President Customer Service

Background:Steven is responsible for delivering the new customer portal, myZones, and our enterprise data platform. In addition, he evaluates opportunities where we can develop solutions and refine processes to further improve our customer experience.