The Digital Procurement Guide

How to streamline processes & costs with a fully digital solution


Procurement’s pesky paper problem

We know time is precious, so we’ll get right to the point: Paper-based processes are tarnishing your procurement department’s reputation for driving cost savings, improving service, and expediting execution.

First, there’s the printing, scanning, faxing, and mailing of documents. Then comes the constant tracking down of physical signatures for everything from statements of work to supplier contracts. Add in the manual filing, searching, and retrieving of hard copies and it’s no wonder that inefficiency abounds.


Fast relief for slow procurement processes

Organizations that have invested heavily in digital systems but still rely on paper transactions are left with end-to-end processes that are totally disjointed. This, in turn, leads to an array of recurring pain points. In procurement, you’re dealing with procure-to-pay snafus, compliance complications, and inconsistent customer interactions.

Your best bet for fast relief is to go fully digital. Everything from integrated workflow capabilities to streamlined operations to simplified mobile business dealings is powerfully delivered. As a result, delays, risks, and costs will be significantly reduced while the user experience will be greatly enhanced.

“Before DocuSign, it took 76 days for a contract to be signed. We went from 23 steps down to 7 steps. With DocuSign, we have the contract signed internally and externally, in our document repository in only 4 days from 76 days, which is a 93% improvement in turnaround time.”

Nick Gunn
Senior VP of Global Procurement, Hewlett-Packard


Procurement benefits

  • Execute contracts faster
  • Increase satisfaction
  • Accelerate procure-to-pay process
  • Streamline operations
  • Transact via mobile


To streamline procurement, procure DocuSign

Now that you know that going fully digital is the solution to your paper problem, you’ll want to know more about DocuSign. The most reliable and globally-trusted service for digital agreements, DocuSign works with the applications, services and devices you already use. That translates to easy implementation and management as well as immediate adoption by both your team and your clients.

“The amount of improvement blew our socks off. DocuSign delivered far more dramatic results than we ever imagined.”

Gary Appenfelder
Director of Purchasing, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools


Here are some of the benefits

  • Save time
    Contracts signed in minutes via eSignature—on any device

  • Reduce costs
    No more printing, faxing, mailing and overnight shipping

  • Increase compliance
    A legally binding audit trail complies with internal policies, signing levels and authority and document retention


Endless supply of use cases apply

The beauty of DocuSign is that it’s designed to work seamlessly with the most common uses for Procurement—and in an uncommonly effective manner.

Statements of work

Easily integrate SOWs into back-end systems and realize fewer data entry errors.

Master service agreements

Bring all your MSAs together in a single place for 24/7 access from anywhere.

RFP signoff

Manage complex RFP processes while adhering to milestones, NDAs and contract terms.

Purchase orders

Ensure financial compliance by using shared templates with preset routing and approval workflows.

“85% of our DocuSign documents are processed in under one day… that’s coming from days and weeks in many cases, so it’s a huge improvement.”

David Smoley
CIO, AstraZeneca


Paperless success stories

Procurement departments around the globe have found DocuSign to be an invaluable investment—time-wise, money-wise and otherwise. But don’t take our word for it.

reduced turnaround times from 4 days to less than one hour.

Virgin Holidays
eliminated materials costs of around £10,000 ($12,500) per year.

improved critical system stability by 80%.

Aon Affinity
saved more than 200 hours per year not having to rekey data.

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
increased contracts processing rate by over 90%.

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