The Future Of Storage And The Role of Hybrid Cloud

The “hybrid cloud” is often a myth


In a perfect world, every organization would have a hybrid approach to data management. What this means is simple – they
would simply have one data center, along with a single public cloud solution used to augment that data center, and all of their data needs would be taken care of.

The truth, sadly, is messier than that. Most organizations struggle to adhere to this straightforward hybrid model. According to research from ESG, 78% of organizations today are leveraging multiple public cloud providers. And with this complexity, often, comes instability. The more cloud solutions you have, all packed into a single IT infrastructure, the harder it becomes to manage them all.

What IT needs is a way of managing data that gives them all the flexibility, agility, and resource offload capabilities of the cloud, while also offering the security, transparency, and best-of-breed technology of on-prem.

This eBook will discuss why it’s important to pursue this goal, what challenges may arise, and how Dell Technologies and Zones can help you overcome them.

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The Future Of Storage And The Role of Hybrid Cloud