The Future Of Storage And The Role of Hybrid Cloud

The “hybrid cloud” is often a myth


In a perfect world, every organization would have a hybrid approach to data management. What this means is simple – they
would simply have one data center, along with a single public cloud solution used to augment that data center, and all of their data needs would be taken care of.

The truth, sadly, is messier than that. Most organizations struggle to adhere to this straightforward hybrid model. According to research from ESG, 78% of organizations today are leveraging multiple public cloud providers. And with this complexity, often, comes instability. The more cloud solutions you have, all packed into a single IT infrastructure, the harder it becomes to manage them all.

What IT needs is a way of managing data that gives them all the flexibility, agility, and resource offload capabilities of the cloud, while also offering the security, transparency, and best-of-breed technology of on-prem.

This eBook will discuss why it’s important to pursue this goal, what challenges may arise, and how Dell Technologies and Zones can help you overcome them.


Understanding the challenges we’re up against

When it comes time to adopt a hybrid IT infrastructure, an important first step is to understand the scope of the problem.

What challenges is the modern IT department faced with today? What are the key strategic areas in which an enhanced infrastructure can make a difference?

The following factoids, culled from Dell Technologies research, may prove enlightening: ● 67% of organizational IT leaders say “ensuring IT resiliency for business continuity” is a key priority. ● 66% cite “pacing IT environments with the demands of the business” as a goal.

  • 65% say that managing and maintaining their infrastructure is becoming too complex.
  • 65% lament that too many of their IT solutions are siloed.
  • 65% say it takes too long to put new technology solutions in place.

Given these facts, we can begin to take on the data management challenge with the proper perspective. Continuity, ease of management, efficient deployment – these are key strategic goals. With the right approach, your organization can begin to tackle them.


How the cloud can play a key role

These are challenging times for IT departments.

Many organizations are looking to grow their infrastructure at scale – especially as they look to accommodate scores of new remote and hybrid workers, they need to deploy technology that will help them manage all of their users, no matter where or when they choose to work.

This is why the cloud is so vital. More and more organizations are eying cloud services for the agility they offer – this is what helps them accelerate new IT initiatives while maintaining the same levels of visibility, control, security, and compliance that they enjoyed with their legacy data center technologies.

But, again: The problem for many organizations is their dependence on multiple cloud providers, which can make their environment overly complex. IT today demands a more streamlined approach – one that offers agility everywhere, across all clouds, not just within a single cloud. In short, what’s required is an entirely new approach to IT infrastructure.


How Dell Technologies APEX can change the data paradigm

In Dell Technologies APEX, your business has access to an entirely new way of managing data.

You can forget about multiple data centers and clouds and convoluted management structures – APEX gives a way to consolidate everything with a single “as a service” approach to infrastructure. It allows you to provision services quickly, scale resources on demand, and consume exactly the level of IT service you need.

It’s easy to get started, and you can do it on your terms. Dell Technologies makes it easy to migrate your workloads and connect your data with ease. You can select from a catalog of best-of-breed technologies, picking and choosing the right ones to transform your business, and you’ll have financial flexibility thanks to Dell Technologies’ transparent pricing and easy monthly payments.

What Dell Technologies offers is a chance to remove the complexity from IT and get results. You’re able to focus on outcomes, not infrastructure, and you can do it by putting your data in the right place at the right time to maximize your people’s productivity. Take advantage of IT as a service today – and do it the APEX way.


Get started with Dell Technologies and Zones

Dell Technologies offers a wide range of IT solutions designed to make life easier for the modern enterprise. Whether it’s their data center solutions, their PowerEdge servers, or the other managed services they offer, everything in the Dell Technologies catalog represents a potentially major value add for your business.

The APEX managed portfolio of IT infrastructure services, in particular, has a chance to be truly transformative for your business. With the consumption-based, “pay as you use” approach to IT, you have the opportunity to enjoy best-of-breed technology and cloud-like agility at the same time, and all without overextending your business financially. There’s nothing not to like.

And at Zones, we’re proud to be strategic partners with Dell Technologies, which means we have what it takes to get you up and running with all the Dell Technologies solutions you need. Connect with a Zones Account Manager today, and we can get you started with a free demo of the APEX console.

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The Future Of Storage And The Role of Hybrid Cloud