The Future of Touchscreen

Understanding the challenges of tomorrow


Retail technology has been fast evolving over the last decade-plus.

Whereas sellers in a previous era had to complete transactions by accepting cash payments from customers and painstakingly counting out exact change each time, they now have the technology to eschew all of that.

Point of sale (POS) systems make it easy to accept payments quickly and efficiently using mobile devices, and this ease of use makes for a smoother experience for everyone involved.

Now, though, we may be entering another transition period for retail technology. For a time, face-to-face selling came to a halt completely as retailers shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point, stores are beginning to reopen their doors, but they may look different than they did previously. Business leaders are starting to ask tough questions about how they should change things up in a post-COVID world. How can they create a cleaner environment for everyone – customers and employees alike?

How can they set up POS systems that will always be powered and always reliable? Plus, how can they future-proof their IT so their retail infrastructures and their budgets will remain stable for the long haul? These are the sorts of questions currently keeping retail executives up at night. At Zones, we try to provide answers.


Finding industry-specific value in touchscreens

Really, it’s hard to name an industry that couldn’t find a value for powerful, efficient, safe touchscreens.

In any line of work, being able to quickly and effectively visualize your work and share information with others has real value. But in particular, we have found two areas where the Lenovo InTouch device could play an especially pivotal role: retail and hospitality.

In retail, the use cases write themselves. It’s pretty self-evident that when shoppers have an easy way to process payments and complete transactions, they are happier and their business goes more smoothly. This benefits everyone involved – customers get what they want more easily, and companies can bring in more revenue.

Hospitality is an area that can easily go overlooked, but it’s an equally viable sector in which touchscreen devices can have a positive impact. Hotel patrons are always on the lookout for easy ways to check-in and out of their reservations; likewise, restaurant diners enjoy being able to pay for meals in a convenient fashion. In both of these areas, creating pleasant experiences for customers is likely to foster brand loyalty and generate better business results over the long haul.


Better understanding the benefits of InTouch

There are a lot of display products out there on the market today.

For retailers looking to upgrade their POS technology by buying new monitors, there is certainly no shortage of options. But it’s important to understand why Lenovo’s products – and in particular, the InTouch display – stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

The first reason is they’re built with latest technology of bonded glass that provides industry leading brightness and a more durable screen for a wider variety of viewing locations and more enjoyable experience for customers and employees. Secondly, these displays are built with antimicrobial* surface technology. In this era, with every retail organization making the customers’ and employees’ comfort a priority, that can be crucial. Hundreds of individuals may touch a given POS screen in a given day, and it’s important to make sure they can do so without constant use of harsh chemicals that will shorten the longevity of the display’s lifespan. Lenovo’s technology makes that far easier.

In addition, Lenovo and AMD have joined forces to offer POS technology that offers the best of what both organizations have to offer. The result is devices like the ThinkCentre Tiny and ThinkCentre Nano, which come fully loaded with AMD RyzenPRO processors. This means they offer easy manageability and simplified deployment, imaging, and remote management. Also, InTouch is modular and uses standard, interchangeable components, ensuring easy deployment and use for all.


How Zones’ services can play a role

At Zones, we understand full well that today’s retail and hospitality customers demand experiences that are interactive, convenient, and tailored to their needs.

That’s why the vast majority of companies in these industries are investing significant resources in POS technology as we speak.

We’re here to help these organizations in any way we can. That’s why we offer an Advanced & Mobile POS solution that helps retailers create efficient, modernized in-store experiences for customers. This is becoming more challenging, as retail organizations grow larger and transition some of their sales to virtual environments, but at Zones, we look to create flexible POS technologies that make it easier to complete a wide range of transactions. We help our clients build IT infrastructures that are both effective now and adaptable later.

With our Advanced & Mobile POS, getting your POS technology up and running should be a smooth and simple process – and thanks to our Lifecycle Management Services, we can also keep your IT growing well into the future. The goal is to usher in a whole new world of productivity for your employees – as well as a new era of smooth, effective transactions for your customers.


About Zones and Lenovo

Lenovo makes a wide range of IT products that are designed to help organizations of all stripes modernize their technology.

From desktops and workstations to notebooks and tablets, plus many more, Lenovo devices have the power to usher in an era of more computing power and greater efficiency for businesses everywhere.

And at Zones, we are proud to assist in that effort. We have a strong commitment to helping client organizations drive Workplace Modernization in everything they do – and thanks to our strong partnership with Lenovo, we have access to all the necessary technology to help them do it.

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The Future of Touchscreen - Point of Sale Systems