The IT Capabilities You Need to Work From Anywhere

Why “working from anywhere” matters.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first touched down in the United States early in 2020, organizations moved quickly to adopt remote strategies. Initially, the idea was simple – allow people to work from home for as long as it took to keep them safe and healthy, then bring them back when the time was right. Fast forward to the present, and that idea is not so clear.

For a number of organizations, remote work may well be here to stay. According to our research, 75% of high-performing companies agree that remote work has been beneficial and they “can’t go back to how things were before.” The benefits are numerous, with increased productivity and employee empowerment chief among them.

So how can companies make the most of remote work? What needs to be done? The answer is complicated, but it starts here: 90% of business IT decision-makers say it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure remote employees have access to the digital tools they need. Plain and simple, if not everyone has the technology to work productively, your business will be stuck in the past, lacking what it takes to compete in the post-pandemic world.

This eBook will discuss what your people need to get ahead – and, specifically, how devices from Dell Technologies can deliver it.


The value of powerful performance

For us, there’s no better technology for driving successful remote work than the workplace devices you get from Dell Technologies, which come fully loaded with Intel vPro.

And when you invest in Dell Technologies’ tools for remote work, the first benefit you’ll notice is the powerful performance they offer. Specifically, you’ll see:

  • Up to 38% better overall application performance, as measured by SYSmark 25
  • Up to 24% faster web browsing, as measured by WebXPRT 3
  • Up to 23% faster office productivity, as measured by Microsoft Office 365 workflow

This might sound like just a bunch of statistics, but when you add them all up, the result is clear – it’s a tangible impact on your employees’ workflow each day. People will be more productive day in and day out, and this efficiency will translate directly to a more robust bottom line.


The challenge of security today

In business, IT has always been tasked with keeping users secure.

But that’s more challenging than ever right now because you never know where your users might be. Hey, could be working in the office, at home, at a local coffee shop, or on the go. This means you need security tools that are truly all-encompassing.

With the Intel vPro platform, that’s what you get. vPro comes with the 11th Gen Intel Hardware Shield included, and that means a host of enhanced security features, including:

  • Control-Flow Enforcement Technology to protect against malware attacks
  • Threat Detection Technology to sniff out security threats using AI
  • Total Memory Encryption to prevent memory data exposure from physical attacks
  • Endpoint Management to manage devices more securely, both inside and outside firewalls

Facing today’s security threats will require rethinking endpoint protection, as today’s employees are working anywhere and everywhere. Intel helps make that happen, as they take an enterprise view of security that includes servers, networks, cloud-based services, and regulatory compliance.


There’s no match for clear audio

In the old days, when people were in-office all the time, meetings were the lifeblood of business.

People would get together in conference rooms, share ideas, and hammer out plans for getting things done. Today, meetings are still happening, but not so much in rooms anymore. This means it’s essential to have
good technology for remote collaboration.

With Dell Technologies, you can enjoy Intelligent Audio, which detects your voice and stabilizes your system’s volume for an enhanced conferencing experience. You’ll have a proximity microphone, which adds a brighter and clearer tone to your voice, and intelligent noise elimination, which reduces background noise and automatically mutes non-human sounds. No matter whom you’re meeting with or where they are, everyone will be able to hear the real you.

The result is clear. You’ll enjoy better communication and easier collaboration, and everyone will get more done together. With the right audio connection, your team will be far greater than the sum of its parts.


Staying connected and enjoying video collaboration

Of course, the next level in remote collaboration goes beyond just audio – ideally, you’d be able to connect with people on video, reading their facial cues and interacting with them in real-time. Dell Technologies, Intel, and Zones also offer solutions for that.

With ExpressConnect, you can have the best possible connectivity experience wherever you work, so you’ll have fewer disruptions when you’re on video meetings. You can also tap into a bandwidth management solution that lets you prioritize bandwidth for your conferencing applications during calls. And with automatic network switching, you’ll have the option to switch automatically to authenticated networks with better quality Wi-Fi (based on signal strength, channel congestion, router type, and so on).

All of these benefits combine to give you a video collaboration experience with fewer disruptions. The goal is to let you enjoy pure, uninterrupted productivity. You’ll have the freedom to work with confidence all day, every day, whether you’re being productive by yourself or collaborating with teammates halfway around the world.


Long-lasting battery life for long-lasting work

Before remote work took hold, device battery life wasn’t really an issue.

You had a computer that was on a desk that was in an office. It was always plugged in; you didn’t even have to think about it. But in the remote work era, people are working in all different locations at all times, and
they don’t always have access to power resources. In short, battery power matters now.

And with Dell Technologies, it will be better. You’ll enjoy the benefits of ExpressCharge, which analyzes your power consumption habits and improves your PC’s battery performance, extending run time. Power
Manager software allows you to recharge your system battery from 0% up to 80% within 60 minutes.

When you’re simply working at home, plugged in, power might not be a concern. But for that morning at the coffee shop where you can’t find an outlet, or that hectic day of travel where you’re working on the move, there’s no substitute for reliable, long-lasting battery life.


The importance of simplifying remote manageability

Manageability has always been an important part of IT.

No matter where your people are, or how they’re working, you want to be able to keep tabs on their IT assets, ensuring their technology is safe, secure, and efficient. In the remote work era, that’s a little more challenging.

But with Dell Technologies, it can absolutely still be done. The key here is robust reporting – Dell Technologies gives you access to comprehensive analytics through Dell Precision Workstation. This platform generates reports that will help you to identify CPU, storage, graphic, and memory needs as they arise.

With this capability, it will be far easier for your business to stay on top of all potential challenges, both now and in the future. And when problems do arise, you’ll have the knowledge you need to address them quickly, so your people can keep on pushing forward. Thanks to Dell Technologies, Intel, and Zones, your people will always be productive, and always achieving at a high level.


About Dell Technologies and Zones

We’re moving out of the in-office era and into the Work From Anywhere era. And this means your people need secure, personalized user experiences that enable productivity at all times, no matter where they work or learn.

Together, Dell Technologies and Zones can deliver just that. We offer comprehensive IT, proactive support that minimizes downtime, and flexible, innovative infrastructure solutions that are tailored to your business’ needs.

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