The IT Capabilities You Need to Work From Anywhere

Why “working from anywhere” matters.


When the COVID-19 pandemic first touched down in the United States early in 2020, organizations moved quickly to adopt remote strategies. Initially, the idea was simple – allow people to work from home for as long as it took to keep them safe and healthy, then bring them back when the time was right. Fast forward to the present, and that idea is not so clear.

For a number of organizations, remote work may well be here to stay. According to our research, 75% of high-performing companies agree that remote work has been beneficial and they “can’t go back to how things were before.” The benefits are numerous, with increased productivity and employee empowerment chief among them.

So how can companies make the most of remote work? What needs to be done? The answer is complicated, but it starts here: 90% of business IT decision-makers say it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure remote employees have access to the digital tools they need. Plain and simple, if not everyone has the technology to work productively, your business will be stuck in the past, lacking what it takes to compete in the post-pandemic world.

This eBook will discuss what your people need to get ahead – and, specifically, how devices from Dell Technologies can deliver it.

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The IT Capabilities You Need to Work From Anywhere