Today's Data Center: Everything as a Service




Enterprise Paradigm Shifts

There is a shift within IT to move to a subscription as a Service model. This has prompted new financing models that are more flexible, ease of software and hardware distribution to a distributed workforce via third party vendor, such as Zones.


Software-Defined Architecture

In today's new norm of remote work, there are real vulnerabilities that exist. An annual audit helps identify dark data on endpoints. 

In a software defined architecture, it is critical for scaling up or down, to have predictive analytics to monitor licensing and software needs in the future.




Speaker: Thomas Currey

Position: Solutions Architect, Zones

Background: In the Information Technology world, my specialty is observing processes, people, systems, and applications. Design better options to improve company productivity and make people's work-life easier. Technology professional with 30 years of in-depth technology background in tailoring solutions to enterprise clients.  Personally, oversees customer-focused custom operational and technology solutions. Possess extensive training, knowledge, and certifications in multiple areas including virtualization, storage, backup, and infrastructure. Mentors Systems Engineers/Architects and Sales Executives to integrate technology or alternative operational methods to improve line of business requirements.