Veritas Disaster Recovery 




In business, data is critical – and data loss can be crippling. Recovering from a data loss incident can cost a business time needed to recreate the data, productivity while users wait for the data to be replicated, sales because of data-blind business decisions, and customer satisfaction. IT is being forced to invest in data protection solutions to ensure the integrity of their data and avoid these costly losses. This means doing more than simply acquiring disk space and scheduling backups. It means thinking strategically about the way data is archived, considering the requirements for data storage, addressing the risks associated with data loss, and purchasing the right infrastructure to support that strategy.


In this session, Don Bilbrey discusses available Veritas solutions for disaster recovery, data management, ransomware and authentication, and data security.



Speaker: Don Bilbrey

Position: Sr. Solution Architect, Zones

Background:Don Bilbrey joined the Zones Center of Excellence team on October 8th, 2018. Prior to Zones, Don worked at Amazon (AWS) for the account, where he helped rebuild and rearchitect 20,000+ and subsidiary services from legacy infrastructure to be AWS Cloud Native. He was integral to defining the AWS services required to achieve that outcome.