Tackling Workplace Mobility​ with VMware Horizon

Mobile computers. The internet. Cloud computing. All are empowering a mobile workforce with all the access to applications, data, and each other that they need to collaborate and be productive. But with this freedom comes new challenges for the mobile enterprise.  


We cover those challenges in the infographic, “Tackling Workplace Mobility.” There, you’ll also see:

  • The key benefits of desktop virtualization and application virtualization
  • When it makes more sense to deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or to take a hybrid approach
  • How VMware Horizon supports true hybrid cloud flexibility


What is VMware Horizon virtualization software?

VMware Horizon is the purpose-built platform for the mobile-cloud era. VMware virtualization software allows you to create one holistic, highly automated platform to manage your end users from the data center to the device. It simplifies the management and delivery of virtual desktops and apps on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid or multi-cloud configuration through a single platform to end-users.

Is your organization ready to tackle workplace mobility? See the infographic for more information.


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A man and woman sitting across from each other at a coffee shop table, laptop computers open, and having a conversation