Top reasons to use Veritas to protect big data workloads

Big data is driving world economic and societal changes. The world’s data collection is reaching a tipping point for major technological changes that can bring new ways of decision making for business, managing our health, our cities, and much more.


Big data is the heartbeat of your organization. Given its enormous value, protecting your big data workloads is essential. Whether your enterprise is large or small, you must have the utmost confidence in your data backup and protection solution.


99% of the Fortune 100 and 86% of the Fortune 500 trust Veritas for enterprise data protection.


Choosing NetBackup from Veritas for your data protection needs means choosing the #1 enterprise data protection solution.

See the infographic below for more reasons why you should choose Veritas to protect your organization’s big data workloads.

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An IT professional standing in a server room using a laptop computer