Wi-Fi 6, Explained

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Learn how WiFi 6 is enhancing the modern world. With the explosion of connected devices and the desire to continually improve the user experience, providing your customers and employees with high-performing and secure wireless access is no longer a luxury.

Zones and Cisco share insights into the value of adopting WiFi 6 technologies and how to streamline the implementation process. In this webinar learn best practices to:

  • Enhance the user experience with the added benefits
  • Increase productivity in different working environments
  • Maximize your coverage and simplify installation

Experts predict that in the year 2022, 3.6 devices per capita will be connected to the global network. As part of this webinar, we will explore how to build a wireless network to support the increase of connected devices, including IoT and mobile. This upgraded network will increase connection speeds, save device battery power, and operate in multiple GHz bands to connect with multiple devices.


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Speaker: Stanley Leszczynski

Position: CTO Networking

Background: Stan Leszczynski is an information technology professional with extensive experience in diverse fields dating back to 1997. His work has centered on routing, switching, load balancing, and security. Stan has played a key role in directing major build-outs and upgrades for the NYISO, Onondaga County, New York Department of Tax and Finance, Office of Mental Health, Global Foundries, Key bank, Warner Media (Time Warner), Starbucks, Nike, and many others. A hardworking and dedicated team-player who designs, deploys, and troubleshoots complex network and security systems.



Speaker: Shaun Northrop

Position: Technical Solution Architect - Cisco Systems

Background: Shaun Northrop has over 15 years’ experience in indoor and outdoor wireless mobility solutions for IOT industrial manufacturing, healthcare, emergency responder fleet management, and high-density office space planning. Mr. Northrop also has a focus in current market leading technology around Software Defined Access, wireless analytics, and SDWAN.