Windows Virtual Desktop – Modern VDI Solutions with Microsoft Azure


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software technology began to make its mark in 2007-2008 with strategic benefits for healthcare and regulatory compliance. Vertical markets across industries, including financial services and government, took notice and implemented their own VDI solutions.

Today, VDI solutions have grown beyond siloed vertical markets. Organizations of all sizes can now leverage its benefits. Still, implementing a VDI has its challenges. 

As you’ll learn in our webinar, you can now take advantage of VDI solutions like Microsoft Windows® Virtual Desktop. It’s a desktop and app virtualization service that runs in the Cloud. Windows Virtual Desktop simplifies VDI management, so you can deploy and scale virtualized Windows desktops and apps on Microsoft Azure in minutes.


In this webinar on modern VDI solutions, we’ll cover:

  • What is the new normal? (IT business drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • What is a virtual desktop infrastructure solution?
  • VDI benefits and challenges
  • Windows Virtual Desktop overview and architecture
  • WVD feature highlights
  • WVD demo: Using virtual desktop software
  • Customer use case scenarios
  • Service deployment, management and migration strategies

We’ll also share exciting news you’ll want to hear about a new program to help you manage and deploy Windows Virtual Desktop that Zones built in collaboration with Microsoft and a third-party partner.


Watch the webinar to learn more about Windows Virtual Desktop and modern VDI solutions with Azure.


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Tony Rylands Photo

Speaker: Tony Rylands

Position: Director of Technical Programs

Background: Tony has over 20 years of solution sales, design, installation, configuration, and support with specialized expertise in Cloud Solution Adoption, Cloud Collaboration, Hosted Contact Center, Open Source/ Openstack, DevOps, Multi-tenant DC, XaaS Consumption, SP Networking, Triple Play Service Offerings, and LAN/WAN Design. Tony has a degree in Computer Science and is focused on customer and partner success using cloud technology.

Aditya Chintaluri


Speaker: Aditya Chintaluri

Position: Sr. Solution Architect

Background: For over ten years, Addy has been Architecting, Designing and deploying solutions for hybrid data centers, cloud migrations strategies, native cloud solutions, modern apps/services, and automation solutions for clients.