Introducing Zones Cloud 2.0: Built for Cloud Services


The benefits of Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) are well documented. But for many businesses, taking advantage of Cloud-based software and related services has been a challenge. That’s why we developed Zones Cloud 2.0.


Zones Cloud 2.0 is a modular, scalable and secure enterprise-grade Cloud commerce platform – and a free service for our software subscription customers. Zones Cloud 2.0 will make it easier for you to manage the provisioning of subscriptions associated with your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP).

Benefits of Zones Cloud 2.0 for our customers

  • Free for our software subscription customers
  • Visibility and accountability of software and Cloud usage and spend
  • Identify software cost saving opportunities
  • Automation to drive operational efficiency
  • Insights for rightsizing and reducing compliance risks
  • Usage metrics to lower cost management and increase efficiency
  • Easily subscribe, consume and manage Cloud-based services

When you login to your Zones Cloud account, your customer dashboard makes it easy to see what’s going on in your environment, including the details of each of your subscriptions.


What we call “Live Files” enable you to start with a snapshot view of each of your subscriptions. At a glance, you’ll see how many seats you have in total, how many are in use, and how many you have available. And from this snapshot view, you can access more advanced information and capabilities, including detailed reporting.


Zones Cloud 2.0 also includes our new Marketplace. It makes it easy for you find and subscribe to additional solutions – security, backup and disaster recovery, and much more. You’ll also find additional offers from Zones that make it even easier for you to work with us and get the services you need to make your business more effective.

Featuring a Microsoft® Azure subscription demonstration

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate our Cloud platform’s Microsoft® Azure portal. It gives you advanced visibility into the Azure subscription and access to additional tools at no charge.

Through the Azure portal, you can:

  • View subscription prices
  • Establish your budget and set up email alerts
  • Manage multiple Azure subscriptions
  • View usage reports
  • Setup and manage resources and Resource Groups that you want to report against
  • And much more

The Zones Cloud 2.0 platform is just one of the benefits of working with Zones as your first choice for IT. To learn more, watch the webinar below.

Todd Carter Photo


Speaker: Todd Carter

Position: Director Cloud Program and Platform Strategy

Background: Throughout his career, Todd has focused on helping companies with their technology decisions.  Working with customers in the Enterprise, SLED, Telecom, Service Provider, and Hosting provider markets, Todd has helped companies incorporate cloud technologies to improve their business and operational outcomes. Todd has helped companies define and bring to market their Public and Private IaaS/PaaS cloud services using technologies such as OpenStack, VMware, Virtuozzo, Plesk, Windows Server, and Linux while also working closely with Public Cloud Providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, GoDaddy, and Digital Ocean to resell their services and capabilities. Todd also works closely with Cloud ISV SaaS communities to develop their sales channels through Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and AWS Partner Network (APN) Providers and has helped them bring their SaaS solutions to markets around the world. Todd works closely with partners and customers and, together with his team, develops solutions that solve real problems. From consulting, educating, selling, evangelizing, conducting demos and POCs, Todd is a strategic systems thinker who likes to creatively and collaboratively lead teams to new futures. I have been fortunate to hone my skills by leading organizational transformation at small and large companies to build and bring new technology solutions to the market. Currently, I am serving as the Director of Cloud Commerce Programs and Platform Strategy at Zones Inc.